Note: if you have a hex editor, you can use it to program in custom messages by editing the .pat file. The first two bytes identify the file as a patch, and are followed by three 20-character messages. In order, these are shown when the game starts, when it's done loading the patch, and when it's shutting down. The messages in the file are "[--YOUR NAME HERE--]", "[OPENING  WISECRACK]", and "[CLOSING  WISECRACK]".

#General MIDIMunt w/GMMT-32 init
1Acoustic Grand PianoAcouPiano1Acou Piano 1
2Bright Acoustic PianoAcouPiano3Acou Piano 2
3Electric Grand PianoElecPiano2Acou Piano 3
4Honky-tonk PianoHonkytonkElec Piano 1
5Electric Piano 1CS RHODESElec Piano 2
6Electric Piano 2CS RHODES2Elec Piano 3
7HarpsichordCS HARPSIElec Piano 4
8ClavinetClavi 3Honkytonk
Chromatic Percussion
9CelestaCelesta 1Elec Org 1
10GlockenspielVibe 2Elec Org 2
11Music BoxCS MUSBOXElec Org 3
12VibraphoneVibe 1Elec Org 4
13MarimbaMarimbaPipe Org 1
14XylophoneXylophonePipe Org 2
15Tubular BellsTube BellPipe Org 3
16DulcimerHarp 2Accordion
17Drawbar OrganCS ORGAN1Harpsi 1
18Percussive OrganCS ORGAN2Harpsi 2
19Rock OrganCS ORGAN3Harpsi 3
20Church OrganPipe Org 3Clavi 1
21Reed OrganCS REEDORGClavi 2
22AccordionAccordionClavi 3
23HarmonicaHarmonicaCelesta 1
24Tango AccordionAccordionCelesta 2
25Acoustic Guitar (nylon)Guitar 1Syn Brass 1
26Acoustic Guitar (steel)Guitar 2Syn Brass 2
27Electric Guitar (jazz)CS JAZGUITSyn Brass 3
28Electric Guitar (clean)CS CLEANGTSyn Brass 4
29Electric Guitar (muted)CS MUTEGTSyn Bass 1
30Overdriven GuitarCS OVERDRVSyn Bass 2
31Distortion GuitarCS OVERDRVSyn Bass 3
32Guitar HarmonicsCS GTHARMSSyn Bass 4
33Acoustic BassAcou Bass1Fantasy
34Electric Bass (finger)CS FINGBASHarmo Pan
35Electric Bass (pick)CS PICKBASChorale
36Fretless BassFretless 1Glasses
37Slap Bass 1CS SLAPSoundtrack
38Slap Bass 2CS SLAPAtmosphere
39Synth Bass 1CS SYNBAS1Warm Bell
40Synth Bass 2Syn Bass 3Funny Vox
41ViolinViolin 1Echo Bell
42ViolaViolin 2Ice Rain
43CelloContrabassOboe 2001
44ContrabassContrabassEcho Pan
45Tremolo StringsCS TREMSTRDoctor Solo
46Pizzicato StringsPizzicatoSchooldaze
47Orchestral HarpCS HARPBellsinger
48TimpaniCS TIMPSquare Wave
49String Ensemble 1CS STRINGStr Sect 1
50String Ensemble 2CS SLOWSTRStr Sect 2
51Synth Strings 1CS SYNSTRStr Sect 3
52Synth Strings 2CS SYNSTRPizzicato
53Choir AahsCS CHOIRViolin 1
54Voice OohsCS OOHSViolin 2
55Synth ChoirCS SOLOVOXCello 1
56Orchestra HitOrche HitCello 2
57TrumpetCS TRUMP1Contrabass
58TromboneTrombone 2Harp 1
59TubaTubaHarp 2
60Muted TrumpetCS MUTTRUMPGuitar 1
61French HornCS FRENCHGuitar 2
62Brass SectionCS BRASS1Elec Gtr 1
63Synth Brass 1CS SYNBRS1Elec Gtr 2
64Synth Brass 2CS SYNBRS2Sitar
65Soprano SaxCS SOPSAXAcou Bass 1
66Alto SaxCS ALTOSAXAcou Bass 2
67Tenor SaxCS TENSAXElec Bass 1
68Baritone SaxSax 3Elec Bass 2
69OboeCS OBO/BSNSlap Bass 1
70English HornEngl HornSlap Bass 2
71BassoonCS OBO/BSNFretless 1
72ClarinetClarinet 1Fretless 2
73PiccoloCS PICCOLOFlute 1
74FluteFlute 2Flute 2
75RecorderRecorderPiccolo 1
76Pan FlutePanpipesPiccolo 2
77Blown bottleBottleBlowRecorder
78ShakuhachiShakuhachiPan Pipes
79WhistleWhistle 1Sax 1
80OcarinaWhistle 2Sax 2
Synth Lead
81Lead 1 (square)DoctorSoloSax 3
82Lead 2 (sawtooth)CS SAWWAVESax 4
83Lead 3 (calliope)CS CALLIOPClarinet 1
84Lead 4 chiffCS CHIFFERClarinet 2
85Lead 5 (charang)CS OVERDRVOboe
86Lead 6 (voice)CS SOLOVOXEngl Horn
87Lead 7 (fifths)CS 5THSAWBassoon
88Lead 8 (bass + lead)Syn Bass 3Harmonica
Synth Pad
89Pad 1 (new age)CS FNTASIATrumpet 1
90Pad 2 (warm)CS WARMPADTrumpet 2
91Pad 3 (polysynth)CS POLYSYNTrombone 1
92Pad 4 (choir)CS SPACEVTrombone 2
93Pad 5 (bowed)CS GLASSFr Horn 1
94Pad 6 (metallic)CS METALPDFr Horn 2
95Pad 7 (halo)CS HALOPADTuba
96Pad 8 (sweep)CS SWEEPADBrs Sect 1
Synth Effects
97FX 1 (rain)Brs Sect 1Brs Sect 2
Patch does not change instruments beyond this point.
98FX 2 (soundtrack)Vibe 1Vibe 1
99FX 3 (crystal)Vibe 2Vibe 2
100FX 4 (atmosphere)Syn MalletSyn Mallet
101FX 5 (brightness)Wind BellWindbell
102FX 6 (goblins)GlockGlock
103FX 7 (echoes)Tube BellTube Bell
104FX 8 (sci-fi)XylophoneXylophone
109KalimbaWhistle 1Whistle 1
110BagpipeWhistle 2Whistle 2
113Tinkle BellTimpaniTimpani
114AgogoMelodicTomMelodic Tom
115Steel DrumsDeep SnareDeep Snare
116WoodblockElec Perc1Elec Perc 1
117Taiko DrumElec Perc2Elec Perc 2
118Melodic TomTaikoTaiko
119Synth DrumTaiko RimTaiko Rim
120Reverse CymbalCymbalCymbal
Sound effects
121Guitar Fret NoiseCastanetsCastanets
122Breath NoiseTriangleTriangle
123SeashoreOrche HitOrche Hit
124Bird TweetTelephoneTelephone
125Telephone RingBird TweetBird Tweet
126HelicopterOneNoteJamOne Note Jam
127ApplauseWaterBellsWater Bells
128GunshotJungleTuneJungle Tune