King's Quest IV style copy protection

Are you running an actual early-90s browser or something? That's pretty silly.


  1. Uppercase the input string.
  2. Take the ASCII value of each character.
  3. Add 'em all up, yum.

This does mean that collisions are easy. For example, "VOICE" matches "LICKS".


Only a few are given here for no good reason. If you have Javascript support, try them in the hasher. You'll notice that all the questions and hashed answers are available from this very site at The question remains, what are the actual words?

Hint Word Hash
On page 9, what is the third word in the first paragraph?LEGEND431
On page 3, what is the tenth word in the first paragraph?KNIGHTS536
On page 7, what is the tenth word in the first paragraph?WIZARD465
On page 4, what is the last word in the third paragraph?VELVET470