NameInternalSCILogo #Logo styleFontStatus lineMT-32 messages
1988 Christmas CardDEMO0.0NANABold"Merry Christmas from Sierra On-Line!"-
1990 Christmas CardCard1.0NANABoldBlankThe Seasoned Pro...
1992 Christmas CardCard1.11Green with snowBoldNoneSierra On-Line
Castle of Doctor BrainBrain1.0106CyanBoldDifficultyQP to QP3, check. | The Dr. Is In
Codename IcemaniceMan0.0NANABoldScoreCODE NAME "ICEMAN"
Colonel's BequestCB10.0NANABold"The Colonel's Bequest"Welcome to the '20s! | * Colonels Bequest *
Conquest of CamelotARTHUR0.0NANABoldBlankCAMELOT, CAMELOT! | *It's Only A Model*
Conquests of the LongbowLongbow1.0106GreenRegularRansom, Outlaws, ScoreROBIN HOOD! | Your Bow Is Needed
Dagger of Amon-RaLB21.1105CyanBoldBlankBoop boop be doop | Dagger of Amon Ra
EcoQuest 1eco1.0NANABoldScoreECO QUEST | A whale of a tale
EcoQuest 2Rain1.160DiscoveryBoldScoreSierra On-Line
Freddy PharkasFP1.1100BrownBoldBlankSierra On-Line
Gabriel Knight 1GK2.050StoneBoldNoneSierra On-Line
Hoyle's Book of Games 1cardGames0.0NANABoldMenuHOYLES BOOK OF GAMES
Hoyle's Book of Games 2solitare0.0NANABoldMenuHOYLES BOOK OF GAMES | MUSIC BY ROB ATESALP
Hoyle's Book of Games 3hoyle31.0900GreenBoldBlankHOYLES BOOK OF GAMES
Hoyle's Classic Card Gameshoyle41.1900GoldBoldNoneSierra On-Line
Island of Doctor BrainBrain1.1NANABoldDifficultySierra On-Line
Jones in the Fast Lanejones0.1NANABoldNoneReality;WhatAConcept | Jones-InThe-FastLane
King's Quest 1kq10.0NANABoldScoreSierra Presents... | [> KING'S QUEST I <]
King's Quest 4KQ40.0700Gray screenBoldScore-
King's Quest 5KQ51.0106GreenBoldBlankKING'S QUEST V | <--Sierra On-Line-->
King's Quest 6Kq61.199GreenBoldBlankSierra On-Line
Leisure Suit Larry 1LSL11.0NANABoldBlankHey baby... | ...what's your sign?
Leisure Suit Larry 2LSL20.0NANABoldScore, Rank-
Leisure Suit Larry 3LSL30.0NANABoldPointsLeisure Suit Larry 3 | Passionate Patti
Leisure Suit Larry 5LSL51.0100GreenBoldBlankWelcome to Larry 5!! | "Al Lowe? Statue?"
Leisure Suit Larry 6LSL61.1100PurpleBold"Leisure Suit Larry 6"Sierra On-Line
Mixed-up Fairy TalesTales1.0106CyanBoldBlankSierra Presents | << Fairy Tales >>
Mixed-up Mother GooseMG1.0801CyanBoldNoneWelcome to... | MiXeD-uP MoThErGoOsE
Pepper's Adventures in Timetwisty1.1NADiscoveryBoldScoreSierra On-Line
Police Quest 1pq11.0106CyanBoldBlankPOLICE QUEST I | ..THE DEATH ANGEL..
Police Quest 2PQ0.0NANABoldScore** POLICE QUEST II **
Police Quest 3pq31.0205GreenThinBlankPOLICE QUEST III | ...THE KINDRED...
Quest for Glory 1HQ0.0906MountainBoldScoreSo U Want 2 B A HERO | * HERO'S QUEST I *
Quest for Glory 1 VGAGlory1.11GoldRegularScoreSo U Want 2 B A HERO | *QUEST FOR GLORY I*
Quest for Glory 2Trial0.1750MountainBoldScore<< TRIAL BY FIRE >> | QUEST FOR GLORY II
Quest for Glory 3Glory1.11GoldBoldBlankSierra On-Line
Space Quest 1sq11.0106GreenSerifBlank->Insert Buckazoid<- | >>-Space Quest 1!-<<
Space Quest 3SQ30.0900Sliding greenBoldScoreINSERT BUCKAZOID | * SPACE QUEST III *
Space Quest 4sq41.0106GreenRegularTime periodCalling Roger Wilco | ...SPACE QUEST IV...
Space Quest 5SQ51.1300CyanBoldScoreSierra On-Line