Index of /sci/dumb/

Mostly just random dumb shit that changes things about games, as opposed to the studies and such in the parent dir.

Iceman undither enhancement test.061          2017-03-08 07:25           12316   Save as pic.061. Dummies out a few picture drawing commands to improve results with EGA undithering.
KQ5 Snake.002                                 2018-07-02 09:36             586   Save as text.002. Changes the snake from poisonous to venomous.
KQ5 Title.107                                 2018-07-02 07:43           58692   Save as pic.107. Changes the subtitle to "Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder".
LSL1 322-Comedian.v56                         2015-11-26 04:57           11945   Save as 322.v56. Gives the comedian in LSL1 a regular skintone.
LSL1 Restore gun suicide.scr                  2020-02-20 10:41            7644   Save as script.700. Four bytes change. Now wait for 7 AM in-game.
LSL1 Skip age check 710.scr                   2016-05-06 12:49             426   Save as script.710. Two byte change, really.
LSL2                                2020-10-15 02:05            3185   Turns Polyester Patty into Passionate Patti, including text fixes.
PQ1 Restore                         2016-06-30 12:03               0   Restores Tawnee Helmut's name to Helen Hots, like in the AGI version.
PQ2 JP                              2016-01-08 04:42          331701   Replaces the graphics in Police Quest 2 with the wacky PC-98 version.
PQ2 Skip copy protect script.701              2018-09-29 10:16             708   Save as script.701.
PQ2 Text.008                                  2016-05-06 12:30           25731   Save as text.008. Fixes a "LIESURE" typo on the computer in Police Quest 2.
PQ2 US                              2016-01-08 04:43          316358   Replaces the graphics in Police Quest 2 on PC-98 with the serious PC version.
PQ2JP Marie.037                               2016-05-06 12:29            5846   Save as view.037. Fixes some missing pixels in Marie's view in Police Quest 2 PC-98.
SQ4CD 706.scr                                 2020-07-30 03:45            3718   Save as 706.scr. Vastly improves the "fake AGI" windows in the SQ1 era.
SQ5 513.p56                                   2018-03-07 11:18           20019   Save as 513.p56. CGA has only four colors!