The Dating Pool

Part of the Firrhna Project by Kawa and Letrune, The Dating Pool is a point-and-click adventure game in the same vein as the classics from Sierra On-Line. In fact, it's built on the very same game engine as those classics.

Box art


* The classic Sierra UI
* Intricate 3D-rendered art
* Sexual confusion
* Runs on the actual Sierra SCI engine, not some AGS fake


* 2019 Itch Demo, 0.99 MB. The one-day demo version is available from right now. Demo walkthrough


The Dating Pool has been found to run on virtualized MS-DOS/Windows systems, up to Windows 98, with no problems. However, your best bet is to get a copy of DOSBox and run it from there.


Intro comic Roadside Shop Living room Street


Firrhna Productions
Game-specific code, artwork:
Design, writing: Letrune

Icefall Games
SCI Companion development IDE: Phil "Troflip" Fortier

Sierra On-Line
Unlimited sources of inspiration: Al Lowe, Roberta Williams
Development system: Jeff Stephenson, Robert E. Heitman, Dan Foy, Larry Scott, J. Mark Hood, Eric Hart, Mark Wilden, Chad Bye, Chris Smith

Thanks to: the assorted idiots on the Bcord, and the fine folks in the community, particularly OmerMor, Troflip, and Cloudee1.

Last updated 2023-10-16

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