The item table is available in all scripted items and contains functions relating to the item itself.


Returns the name of the item.

size_t item.count()

Returns the stack count of the item.

size_t item.setCount(size_t count)

Sets the item count. Returns any overflow.

size_t item.maxStack()

Returns the max number of this item that will fit in a stack.

bool item.matches(ItemDescriptor desc, [bool exactMatch])

Returns whether the item matches the specified item. If exactMatch is true then both the items' names and parameters are compared, otherwise only the items' names.

bool item.consume(size_t count)

Consumes items from the stack. Returns whether the full count was successfuly consumed.

bool item.empty()

Returns whether the item stack is empty.

ItemDescriptor item.descriptor()

Returns an item descriptor for the item.

String item.description()

Returns the description for the item.

String item.friendlyName()

Returns the short description for the item.

int item.rarity()

Returns the rarity for the item.

String item.rarityString()

Returns the rarity as a string.

size_t item.price()

Returns the item price.

unsigned item.fuelAmount()

Returns the item fuel amount.

Json item.iconDrawables()

Returns a list of the item's icon drawables.

Json item.dropDrawables()

Returns a list of the item's itemdrop drawables.

String item.largeImage()

Returns the item's configured large image, if any.

String item.tooltipKind()

Returns the item's tooltip kind.

String item.category()

Returns the item's category

String item.pickupSound()

Returns the item's pickup sound.

bool item.twoHanded()

Returns whether the item is two handed.

float item.timeToLive()

Returns the items's time to live.

Json item.learnBlueprintsOnPickup()

Returns a list of the blueprints learned on picking up this item.

bool item.hasItemTag(String itemTag)

Returns whether the set of item tags for this item contains the specified tag.

Json item.pickupQuestTemplates()

Returns a list of quests acquired on picking up this item.