Ch.11 - Fear and Loving

Ranma Saotome was a big girl. She didn't scream... often. Though what she saw looking back at her in the mirror was as frightening as anything, she most certainly did not scream. Silently, with her eyes closed tight, she stumbled back, surprising the girl watching from the bed.

"What is it?" asked Nabiki. "Is there something on your face?"

"Biki... I'm gonna have to admit something," Ranma started as she sat down on the bed next to her girlfriend. "You'd think I'm not afraid of anything. Most people do."

"Yeah, I can imagine. Strong, well-trained girl like you, you're just about untouchable. You could take shortcuts through dark alleys and come out just fine."

"Thanks," Ranma smiled. "But it's better to not have to find out."

"You are afraid of something then? Something you just saw?"

Ranma nodded slowly.

"Remember what I said about me and... well, sex? Why we've been building up?"

"'Course I do. You said it 'kinda scared' you, right? So just now you were really scared?"

"I never properly explained why, didn't I?"

Nabiki pondered it for a moment. "I don't think you have."

"I'm... I'm scared of losing myself to this form," Ranma admitted, gazing at her clawed hands. She got back up and stood in front of the mirror again. "When I looked just now, I didn't see a girl with cat ears."

"You saw something worse?" Nabiki guessed.

"I saw a girl cat, I guess? An animal on two legs, eyes that looked like she'd... mate with anyone, kill whoever resists."


"Okay, maybe I was raised a little repressed compared to other girls. I won't hold that against my folks."

"That's quite a mature thing to say, y'know?"

"And maybe in this form I'm more open instead... but--" Ranma paused to take a breath, then almost shouted at her reflection, "I'm afraid of becoming something worse!"

She held that expression for a tense moment.


"Were those always there?" Ranma pondered in a half-whisper.

"Were what?"

Ranma reached for her mouth and poked at her teeth. "Thefe fanf. I have fanf naw."

"You have what now? Fangs?"

"Fangs," Ranma confirmed, shaking as she stepped back from the mirror. "I don't recall having fangs before."

"Oh c'mere Tiger," Nabiki said as she grabbed her lover and pulled her onto the bed.


"You always had those, silly!" Nabiki laughed.


"Yeah! When your dad tossed you into the pond back then? I was a little taken by your tail at the time but Akane was sort of afraid of your nails. She's had plenty time to notice your teeth changed too, and mentioned it to me. I confirmed it for myself when we made out the next day.

"So don't worry about your curse form getting worse, Tiger. Worry, or rather focus, on finding a nice balance in how you act."

Completely unbidden, Ryouga popped his head in. "Also, there's nothing wrong with having fangs, girls," he quipped as he flashed them a toothy smile, revealing the sharp canines he'd had since he lost his baby teeth.

"Ryouga, what the hell are you doing here?" Ranma demanded, brandishing a slipper.

"I heard you shout, so I came to check. Things seemed okay but, you know... but seriously, don't worry about it. They suit you."

He left and closed the door right before the slipper hit, and made a point to make a bit of noise on the stairs, on the way down. There was a cry at the end, the Sound of water, a metallic crash, and a meow, in that specific order.

"Stupid Ryouga," Ranma started.

"Ruining the moment like that," Nabiki finished.

"Eh, it happens. I'm just glad, y'know? It's a relief, I guess."

"So, Tiger... do you want to celebrate this little reveal?" Nabiki asked, teasingly taking hold of her pajama top.

"Y'know what, Biki-chan?"


"Rawr!" Ranma exclaimed as she pushed Nabiki down on her bed. Eagerly but carefully, she pulled up Nabiki's top, first exposing her stomach. Leaning over her, Ranma crawled back a bit and bent her head down to kiss and softly lick the middle sister's trim belly. Nabiki was glad, though she already knew, that Ranma's tongue was pretty much the same in both forms -- they'd had ample opportunity to confirm such in their earlier make-out sessions. She moaned softly in appreciation of what her girlfriend did to her, and felt her very core slowly heating up.

Ever so gently, Ranma nuzzled further upwards, pushing Nabiki's pajama top up as far as it went with her nose as she went, tracing wet spirals on and between her lover's ribs, until she reached the bottom of Nabiki's breasts.

"Mmm, do it," Nabiki invited, pulling her pajama top up, revealing her ample breasts. Ranma happily nuzzled them from below, then leaned forward a bit so she could reach. Eagerly, she kissed the breast in front of her, taking the other in her hand. As Ranma kissed the exposed flesh and lapped around Nabiki's nipple but not quite reaching it, Nabiki reached for the clasps of Ranma's Chinese shirt and fumbled to open them, shivering a little every time her lover got closer to the stiff button in the center of her breast, or when she squeezed the other one just a little bit hard.

"Is this nice for ya?" Ranma asked, her hot breath unintentionally teasing Nabiki's nipple. Nabiki moaned in reply, then reached for Ranma's head and pulled her down a little. Ranma, getting the hint, switched to licking and suckling on the aching nipple presented to her, and tweaking the other breast's between her fingers.

Nabiki, eager for more, raised a knee to grind against Ranma's covered slit, paying no heed to their both still wearing pants. She didn't even have to be particularly careful, knowing that Ranma's crotch was at least half as sturdy as the rest of her -- she'd seen Ranma take a direct hit from Ryouga, who'd spent the next ten minutes apologizing profusely, even though Ranma pretty much shrugged it off in seconds.

Watching Ryouga take a shot in return (he'd insisted on it, in the name of fairplay) and not even flinch was certainly an amusing memory, but Nabiki had no interest in those matters. Moaning heavily, she ground her knee against Ranma's crotch, until her lover stopped fondling and kissing her boobs. Ranma sat upright, shrugged off her silk shirt, and pulled off the lightly faded band shirt she wore underneath. If Nabiki hadn't already seen and gotten used to them, she might've been a little jealous at how this girl who was a full head shorter had bigger tits than her... but she had, and loved them about as much as the rest of the horny catgirl's various body parts, like her toned stomach, which was no six pack, and would look cute from any respectable distance, but was almost three-quarters solid muscle if not more.

The two girls simultaneously shed their pants, revealing a simple light purple number with a bit of lace and a pair of boyshorts, both somewhat wet in the crotch.

"God I've waited for this," Nabiki whispered.

"Mmmyeah... how do we--?"

To answer, Nabiki wrapped her arms around Ranma and pulled her down into a sloppy kiss. Her one hand made its way down to to Ranma's waist and pulled it down against her, crotch-to-crotch. Hands grabbed around for flesh to hold as their tongues battled for dominance and their clits ground against and around each other, separated only by two insignificant layers of fabric that only got more soaked as time went on.

"Ra-- Ranma..."


"Your fi-- fingers... I need something in meee~" Nabiki moaned as she shuffled off her panties. Ranma took the hint and a moment to take off her shorts, then reached down to give her girlfriend what she craved, knowing that she'd get either the same in return, or a firm tail stroking.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Shampoo had been sitting idly in the living room, left there when Ryouga'd suddenly left, when the noise started. She'd retreated to her little closed-off space in the old master's room but now that she was aware of the noise she couldn't tune it out any more. Just when Shampoo had her pants off, her husband-to-be walked into the room.

"...Yi zhi mao ye hen hao," Shampoo muttered as she reached for the black cat with a bandana, that had frozen in mild shock at the pantsless warrior.

Ryouga could think of only one thing.

I'm done for.

Author's Notes

Well, here it is. Finally, there's a proper sex scene in this story. Fun fact, I wrote like half the porn section with my eyes closed. For all of three seconds I wanted to put a "what are we gonna do on the bed" joke but then I thought better of it. One break to walk the dogs later, I come up with an even worse reference. I'm shit ^o^

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