Ch.6 - Urges

"Ranma, do you know where Kasumi is?" Akane asked as Ranma entered the room, his black hair still steaming a little.

"Yeah, I think she's in her room. Didn't really feel like botherin' her so I--"

"Good god, Ranma," Akane interrupted. "Why are you still dressed like that!?"

"Oh, this?" Ranma looked down and indicated the girly shirt he was still wearing. "Like I just said, I didn't wanna bother Kasumi and all my clothes are in her room. 'Sides, it's pretty comfy."

"I can't believe you sometimes."

Genma looked up from his game with Soun and gasped. "Oh the humiliation, to see my own flesh and blood go around in women's clothing like that! If your mother could see you now..."

"Oy! Don't talk about Mom as if she dead, Pops!" Ranma reprimanded, then kicked his father out into the pond. Soun, of course, happily took the opportunity to completely alter the game pieces. "But y'know what? If it bothers ya that much, 'Kane, I suppose I could go and interrupt Kas?"

"Please," Akane replied. "I don't think I can take you serious in that shirt."

Ranma accepted the excuse. It was always better than "just wrong," he figured as he went upstairs. "Who even knows what she's doin' in there," he muttered as he knocked on Kasumi's bedroom door.

Akane watched from below, still on high pervert alert, when the door opened and Ranma was suddenly yanked into the room. "What the shit," she whispered as the door was all but slammed shut, then followed up the stairs. Just when she was about to barge into the room, she stopped to consider the facts (something she and Ranma had agreed would be a Good Thing (tm) for her to do more often) and decided to wait and see, or rather hear, what would happen next.

"Geez, Kas. Didn't think you'd do that," Ranma said, interrupted by Kasumi's kisses.

"Ranma dear, just don't. I nearly made a scene in the park and..."

"You do look a little flushed."

Kasumi did not, in fact, look a "little" flushed.

"You have no idea what you've done to me, do you?" Kasumi breathed as she peeled her shirt off of Ranma. "I'm supposed to be this proper housewife... they all expect me to be and I'm not even anyone's wife yet!" She tightly held onto Ranma's chest. "But here we are. You're just... you're just so nice and helpful and... damn it, you're sexy in two different ways, that's just not fair!"

Akane, catching most of the words from the other side of the wall, gasped. Her first thought was that Ranma had corrupted her sister, but she pushed that aside. It was actually quite alike what Kuno thought Ranma had done with her and his own female side. It was actually even stupider when Akane put it like that. And yet she couldn't quite help but stay and listen some more.

"Whatcha mean-- ooh! --two different ways, Kas?"

"You know perfectly well what I mean. But," Kasumi said in a husky voice that nobody had expected her to ever use, "do you know what I mean... when I say a woman has urges?"


"You've been a woman often and long enough, Ranma."

"I'm a man, dammit," Ranma argued, but he couldn't help but smile as he said it.

"And how."

Behind the door, Akane blushed almost as red as she'd get when angry. Were they actually going to do that kind of stuff? The kind of thing that she, the first fiancee (by her count at least) hadn't gotten to do? She'd conveniently forget that they were only sixteen at that time, and technically Ranma was barely even seventeen. Nineteen-year old Kasumi was, for all Akane could tell, about to bed a boy almost three years her junior, who wasn't even legal age yet!

Does that make Kasumi a pervert? Akane pondered, then dismissed it as a natural impossibility.

And yet, in her room, Kasumi had Ranma pinned against the wall. One of the greatest martial artists of his generation, if not the greatest, brought low by a simple housewife, or the closest thing to it an unmarried young woman could be considered. She had him, quite literally, by the balls.

Ranma, for all his sexual inexperience and bravado, let it happen. As far as he knew, Kasumi was as much a virgin as he, but where he had a near-encyclopedic knowledge of martial arts, she had at least half of Dr. Tofu's personal library, which no doubt included some very interesting and relevant information on sexuality.

Now, Ranma was by no means a coward. The Saotome school's "ultimate technique" was not, after all, just running away, but running away to buy time to think and strategize. And yet, if there was one thing he was not at all prepared for, it was his current situation; being together with a beautiful young woman whom everyone in the house recognized as his fiancee, pinned against her bedroom wall, shirtless, and her with one hand teasingly playing with the hardest goddamn erection he could remember ever having... and she fully intended to have that thing inside her somewhere in the next half an hour or so, if he read the signs right.

No, to say Ranma Saotome wasn't ready for such a thing was by all means an understatement.

Meanwhile, Akane found herself squirming at the thought. Her mind's eye couldn't seem to decide if she should fantasize about herself in such a position, or her sister, as every time she heard them make any noise loud enough to carry through the door her imagination snapped back to the latter. It would've been annoying if she wasn't somewhat enjoying the idea either way. Of course, not being able to see what Kasumi and Ranma were doing exactly didn't help, leaving her own most certainly perverted mind to fill in a lot of gaps.

"Kas, do we gotta do this now?"

"Mmm?" Kasumi "asked" as she took one of Ranma's hands and placed it on one of her breasts.

"Like, I won't deny that I'm enjoyin' this or anythin'..."

"Mmm, good. I'd be so disappointed," Kasumi breathed.

"But I'm... fuck it, I'll admit it, I'm just not ready to go this far, Kas."

"Aw? Well... that's fair, I suppose," Kasumi conceded as she gently released Ranma's manhood. "I guess this must've been quite a surprise."

"Yeah, kinda. Didn't think you had it in ya," Ranma said in relief, twitching when he realized the double entendre. Behind the door, Akane relaxed and sagged onto the floor.

"I'm still, oh my... I'm still horny though."

Goddammit, Akane cursed.

Ranma took Kasumi by the shoulder and turned her around, holding her not entirely unlike how she'd held him before if not for the other hand still holding onto one of her breasts. "Well, maybe we can... I dunno, we could cuddle."

"We've cuddled before, dear."

"Yeah but like... y'know, naked?"

"Oh. Oh my, that'd be lovely."

"And maybe we oughta lock the door first?" Ranma suggested.

"Please, do lock your fucking door!" Akane called out. "I've been doing pretty damn well on my self control so far but if you two start having... start doing that kinda stuff I don't wanna barge in there!"

Ranma snickered. "I knew she was there."

"Yeah I was! You want some water, perv?" Akane half-jokingly offered, hoping it would prevent the worse outcome.

Ranma looked around the room for a second as he considered the offer. "Nah, there's a glass right over there, Akane. But thanks for the idea!"

"My pleasure," Akane replied, biting back some disgust and a not insignificant amount of jealousy as she stood up again. "I'll be in the bath!"

Careful not to make a mess on the floor, Ranma took the glass of water and changed. Kasumi quickly found that she still desired Ranma, even in his girl form, and kissed her eagerly on the lips.

"So... cuddle?" Ranma asked as he watched his fiancee sit on her bed and strip.

"Cuddle," Kasumi confirmed. "But I don't think I'm in any state to make promises," she added with a giggle.

Ranma shrugged and bent over to take off his pants. "Eh, what can ya do anyway when we're both girls?"

"Oh my... what indeed. Now, will you join me in my bed, Ranma dear? It's nice and soft."

"Fitting. So are you," Ranma joked as he sat down on the edge of the bed and watched Kasumi fall into a position that all but invited him to be the little spoon, blow to his masculinity it might've once been. "Oh well, guess I'mma learn something new today," he said, and let the taller woman embrace him.

"You might. How much do you know about girls' bodies?" Kasumi asked as she trailed a hand up to Ranma's breasts, returning the favor from before with added interest.

"Oh, that's-- not that much, I guess?" Ranma squeaked, enjoying the feel of Kasumi's soft fingers teasing around his suddenly very sensitive nipple. "Like... I got somethin' of a clue, I think? What the most important parts are, like-- woah yeah like the nipples!"

Kasumi kissed the back of Ranma's head, momentarily wishing she could reach his neck. "Have you ever... you know..."

"What?" Ranma murred.

"Touched yourself? Down there?" Kasumi asked, softly patting the smaller girl just below his navel.

"I don't think I ever did, actually. Is that bad?"

Kasumi was taken aback for a second, not having expected that question. "Of course it's not bad, dear. Not even as a man?" Surely he'd helped himself get rid of the erections that would no doubt be inevitable with a love life like his.

"I tried once or twice. Didn't really work."

"Oh? Why's that?" Kasumi pressed as her fingers played around between Ranma's legs, approaching but not yet touching the most important bits. Even from there, she could tell her gentle ministrations had the right effect.

"First time, tried imaginin' bein' with Akane. Couldn't see it happening to be honest... mmm, this feels kinda nice though."

Very carefully, Kasumi ran a finger up Ranma's cleft, to which her lover shivered against her. "Shampoo?"

"Shampoo was better... then she changed and that kinda fucked it up."

Still with near-surgical care despite her own earlier eagerness, Kasumi lightly brushed Ranma's folds with her index and middle finger, and parted them. "Ukyo?"

"Can't really imagine--" Ranma inhaled sharply as parts of his girl body that were rarely touched before felt the touch of more experienced fingers. "-- U-ucchan like that... mmm..."

Kasumi paused to consider her next words. "...Kodachi?"

"Chehehe, no waaay, don't ruin iiit~"


When Ranma inevitably broke out into shamed giggles, Kasumi's fingers found their mark. She lightly pushed a fingertip against the little button and stopped the giggles with a sharp gasp.

"I'm sure he might've touched himself to a fantasy of you." Kasumi firmly grabbed Ranma before he could react. "And that's nobody's fault but your own, pretending to be his fiancee like that. And you know what?" Kasumi asked as she held a finger against Ranma's opening. "...Bad girls like you need punishment."

In the bathroom, Akane sank her head under the hot water as the Sounds broke through from above. She could only imagine what went through Uncle Saotome -- the Sounds could only be louder in the living room.

Half an hour later, a slightly ruffled Kasumi and still female, perhaps more ruffled Ranma finally came back downstairs. Where the latter's previous outfit was somewhat girly, his new outfit was perhaps even worse simply by not being just a shirt, but a proper dress. His father, who had found ample time to change back (even without Kasumi available to put the kettle on -- he now owed Nabiki fifty yen "for services rendered") was the first to react.

"Boy! It's bad enough you insist on going around as a girl so often but a floral sundress is really pushing it," Genma immediately went off. Ranma stood there, scratching the back of his head and waiting for the big oaf to finish. Or pause to take a breath, it didn't matter much -- sundress or not, his old man was gonna take another dive the moment he stopped running his mouth as if Ranma had learned it from him.

Which he had, to a certain degree, but that wasn't the point.

"Really now boy, at least last time there was a purpose to it, even if it was just to mess with the Hibiki boy but what possible reason could you have to go prancing around like some school idol reject like that?"

"School idol?" Ranma muttered. "Seriously?"

"That ugly old thing hardly even fits you, boy!"

Kasumi stomped one foot on the floor -- certainly a rare occurrence for her. "Uncle Genma, how dare you? That's one of my dresses you just insulted! You insult my taste in clothes, you insult me. Just for that, there'll be no place for you at the dinner table tonight. Fuck you, Uncle."

Genma swallowed a surprised lump. Beside him, Soun gasped at what he'd heard.

Ranma took Kasumi by the arm and gently pulled her along to the kitchen. "I'm sorry my characteristically filthy mouth has influenced this wonderful woman. I'll get the soap for the both of us."

The dress was somewhat too large for Ranma's small female frame though.

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