437 Simulation mode

While working on randomized opponent callouts, I noticed that most of the font sheets were off, color-wise. And while fixing that, I noticed the option to enable 437 Simulation mode was not in the string list. That is, the checkbox said [opt_437] instead of a regular thing. In honor of that option finally being properly captioned, here’s the thing in action. There’s a lookup table that maps in-game tile numbers to Unicode and Codepage 437. One is used for HTML dumps, the other for this mode. I kinda want to make it render the player as a @ and use the initial of a character’s title…


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A quick explanation

As you can see, I’ve decided to ditch the static site and use the blog as the site. Because eh.

You might wonder, and that’s a very small might, where the info went. Where are the files? Where’s… everything?

It’ll be back over time. Perhaps even by next Monday. You can see the reference is already there, and the board, dead as it is, is still at its usual place. It’s just not linked yet.

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And here we are then

Tumblr has officially shut the door on NSFW content a couple weeks back and the Noxico blog was one of the victims. I just finished reposting almost every post on there worth reposting, and a bunch that weren’t. The only thing missing is asks.

Well, let’s see what we get. I already posted a status update on my other blog last month so… that just leaves the drive to actually do something.

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