Cutting down on the body parts

Hi, we’re not dead yet! Here’s a thing that I’ve been pondering and just put in source control as an issue. I thought I’d mirror it here on Tumblr for coverage.

Right now, a given character can have any amount of penises and vaginas stuck down there, all different, and any amount of breasts, each row different. This complicates things like sex. Enormously.

I think actually getting the sex parts done would go a lot better, and actually playing them likewise, if we severely cut down on the whole “mess of genitalia” thing.

I’m thinking, a character would have a single penis token or none, with its size and type, and it may have a double token in there to signify there’s two. Similarly, there can be only one vagina token or none, the ability to have two very much up for discussion. Any extras would be limited to cocknipples, nipplecunts, tentacles, and tails.

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