A Request for Opinion

Today I’ve been working on the sexual interaction data, both adding new stuff and some of the long-planned format changes. I’d like your opinion on this.

This is the new “Fondle Nipples” action:

choice: fondle_nipples
    _n: Fondle [b:his] nipples
        not: 0 havingsex/restrained
        hasnipples: 1
        canreach: 1 breasts
        stat: 1 stimulation 6
        stat: 1 climax 2
            - [t:Youorname] rub{s} [b:yourornames] [b:nipplesize] [?:nipples].

That’s the old style. The new style replaces the limitations and effects blocks with chunks of Lua code, reducing the parsing code’s overall size by pretty much almost all of it:

choice: fondle_nipples
    _n: Fondle [b:his] nipples
    filter: (not top.Restrained()) and bottom.HasNipples() and bottom.CanReachBreasts()
            bottom.Raise(Stat.Stimulation, 6)
            bottom.Raise(Stat.Climax, 2)
            message({"[t:Youorname] rub{s} [b:yourornames] [b:nipplesize] [?:nipples]."})
-- Alternatively, as a oneliner:
--  effect: bottom.Raise(Stat.Stimulation, 6); bottom.Raise(Stat.Climax, 2); message({"[t:Youorname] rub{s} [b:yourornames] [b:nipplesize] [?:nipples]."})

Now, the old-style message command token picks one of its children at random. The Lua version takes a single string or a table of random picks, which may themselves include more tables of random picks, and can have a color parameter to make the message stand out more. That’s why there’s those {} in there; to remind and invite to add more variations.

All that being said, what say you?

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