In Noxico right now, there are three basic kinds of man-made wall: outer wall, inner wall, and fence.

In codepage 437, which the new Noxico tileset is based on, box drawing characters are laid out like this:

Note that there are two styles – single and double – and not all combinations are represented.

In Unicode, the box drawing characters are like this:

Three styles, two of which two have all sorts of combinations, and a certain logical order.

Now, what I’m thinking of doing is to keep the actual single and double box drawing characters from codepage 437 as they are now, but move around and extend the wall characters to match Unicode’s order. Have the thin and thick lines map to outside and inside walls, and the double lines as fences.

And then, when buildings are placed or updated, have the whole map just simply brute-force it all as far as which exact character to draw where goes.


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