I don’t know what to do

X DISCUSS: Time compression
• Walltime events (night, Fri 13, full moon…) (see girlkawa – time.txt)
• Robe and Wizard Hat items
X Timed swimming so you can cross bodies of water
X Has Gills token, allows unlimited swimming
• Aquatic TF, comes with gills
• Doesn’t Breathe token, for slimes and such
X Slimes can’t enter the water for fear of dilution, to balance Doesn’t Breathe and Has Gills
• An in-game story about a cursed king who’s always in the rain, dark, or sunlight
* Better Him/Her/It considerations (see girlkawa – heherit.txt)
X Support for nipple-less breasts
* Remove concrete babies, add a temple where the midwife dæmon takes them instead
* Replace sex scene system with new design
• Add swaffel support
* Detect item stacks, use action menu to pick one
• Make corpses a kind of container so you can loot from them instead of scattering shit all over

Where • is not done, * is in progress and X is pretty much done.

I don’t know what to work on. There’s too many options! What do?

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I’d been pondering the use of XML in Noxico and feeling inspired by YAML and BML, I converted the item database, which is basically a series of token trees wrapped in XML containers, to pure tokens. If I give TokenCarrier.Path() the ability to search for specific values, allow HTML-style Unicode entities both for loading and saving, and hack in the merge feature, I might be able to drop XML entirely.

I haven’t actually put this in the game proper, but here’s the proposed new format in a practical example, compared to the original XML version.

Good idea?

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Good news!

The replacement part is finally here. It’ll most likely be installed this Friday. Then, comfortable development can continue.

I’ll likely focus on Chelsie for a bit though, or some of the other items on the list like showing a list of items on a given tile to pick up instead of taking the first one detected. I don’t want the pants, stupid game, I want the sword!

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