I’m starting to dislike Mono

I was alerted on Twitter of a 100% CPU usage on Linux. So I took a look at it myself.

Noxico on Windows 7 with .Net: CPU usage at 20-something.

The exact same binary on Linux Mint (on a VM) with Mono: CPU usage at around 85%.

Different ways of expressing the usage aside, I’m really starting to feel Mono compatibility is not worth the effort. If it’s not recent versions of MacOS X breaking the keyboard input, it’s inexplicably high CPU usage and lowered framerates. At least the broken graphics after I reimplemented PNG mode made a modicum of sense.

So by now I’ve pretty much had it up to here with Mono compatibility.

And the best part is, if I were to rewrite the game in something that can run natively on both Windows and Linux (let’s assume multiple binaries sharing a single set of data files)… I’d have to rewrite the entire game.

Which I’ve been working on since November 2011.

Is Mono compatibility worth the effort?

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After some deliberation with a certain other Kawa, I’ve removed the need for food from Noxico. Foodstuffs now only serve as healing items, with minor TF effects.

They already did that, but there’s no more need to sate your hunger.

Instead, screens can run out of enemies. That way you have to keep moving if you want to keep getting better.

Perhaps I’ll add a thing where newly-spawned enemies get the items dropped by earlier-killed ones?

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