Timed Item Effects

A while back, I added specific script handlers to items. Aside from when using them, there were optional scripts for equipping and removing items.

Just now, I added timers. To set them up, the item must have a timer token and a timer script block. The token can have a minute count as its value, which defaults to 60 if missing. Every time that amount of time has passed (which is checked in a bad way for now but whatever) the script is executed.

If the timer token has an evenunequipped child token, merely having the item in your inventory triggers the effect. If not, it’ll only activate while worn.

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It is done. Later, I’ll add a thing where pressing OK actually applies the new settings as the game is still running. Until then, it asks you to restart.

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Working on an internal options screen so you don’t have to work directly with that INI file. The brackets mean that it’s using the i18n system but I haven’t provided any actual text for them yet.

I’m particularly well pleased with the fonts list. Unifont is practically built-in, but those other choices are only there because I put dejavu.mix and fixedsys.mix in the game’s directory.

Mind you, function before form is in effect. I’ll make it spiffy later on.

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