Each BoardChar now has a few scripts:

  • OnTick
  • OnLoad
  • OnPlayerBump
  • OnHurt
  • OnPathFinish

In this test, we pick out a BoardChar on load and give them two scripts:


if (!this.Character.HasToken("hiding"))
  this.MoveTo(1, 1, "hide");
  message("Please stop following and touching me...");


if (target == "hide")

The result can be seen in the photoset up top. The victim is the black felinoid just down the center.

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Stat dump!

  • In the set of all .cs and .xml files used in Noxico, the total word count according to Word 2010 is 86250.
  • The amount of characters in the same, including spaces, is 687566.
  • There are 26003 lines, spread out over 483 pages at the default margin and font for .txt files.
  • The first file in the merged set is Achievements.cs, and the last is mix\uniques.xml.
  • The total size of the main code, including the FMOD wrapper, is 944231 bytes.
  • The source directory for the main MIX file, not counting the PspImage files, is 231656 bytes.
  • The sound files are 105150 bytes in total, and the largest MIX is the music at 2420986 bytes. Together, that amounts to 3702023 bytes, 3615,25 KiB, or 3,53 MiB.
  • A fully playable debug redistributable with sound and music clocks in at 5239958 bytes, 4,99 MiB. This includes all required DLL files, be they regular or .Net assembly.
  • Removing the sound and music reduces this to only 2710206 bytes, or 2,58 MiB.

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