Things to add, maybe

I could use some feedback on these.

  • Femininity slider – like in Corruption of Champions
  • Teeth styles – normal, fangs, more teeth than the Osmond family
  • Tooth and Claw attacks, to replace Bare Fists when attacking
  • Hairstyles – like in Nimin Fetish Fantasy, should probably reset when bald (length=0)
  • Tongue styles – normal, forked, barbed, long, …
  • Tentacles – amount, length?
  • Penis styles – normal, dog, horse, cat, tentacle, demon, …
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Just a quick heads-up: I started on multi-level dungeons. At the moment they don’t make much sense but it’ll get better.

And protip: if at any point you want to try out new stuff that you see on this blog, you can get the source code from Bitbucket and compile it yourself in Visual C# 2010 Express.

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Alternative firing method

Right now, to fire a long-range weapon you have to press A for Aim, put the cursor on target, and press Enter.

Now consider what Noxico started as: a ZZT/MZX clone. In those games, you fire your weapon by holding a modifier key and pressing an arrow key.

If your target lines up with you, use shift-arrows, and if it doesn’t, use Aim mode. Sounds okay, right?

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