Character type suggestions?

For a playable character type, I need the following things, where applicable, for the Look function:

Facial descriptions, with variants for different skin types (skin, fur, rubber, scales, slime). Placeholders are the color of the skin and hair.
Example: “[His] face is almost entirely equine in appearance, even having {0} fur.” – horse face with fur.

Ears, with variants for having hair and being bald. The single placeholder is a description of the hair, unavailable for the bald variant.
Example: “[His] {0} is parted by a pair of cat ears.” – cat ears with hair.

Wings, with small and large variants. No placeholders.

Tails, with placeholders for skin color, hair color, butt description, and tentacle tips.
Example: “A thick tentacle extends from [his] {2}, ending in a {3}.” – obvious.

Legs, no placeholders.

For a bodytype (making it a possible encounter, and allowing automorphs), a prose description will do.

For a unique NPC, which can have custom Look descriptions, write that description as it should appear.

Post your suggestions on the board.

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