A pondering

Imagine you’re playing Noxico. The PC is standing in a wild board full of opponents. You decide you want to have sex with one of them, but you can’t get close to them on fear of death, because your target isn’t hot and bothered enough to change their intention.

So I consider having an opponent drop to their knees (figuratively speaking) when sufficiently low on health, or even when at zero or lower health, and making only the next strike fatal. This would of course depend on the weapon used. While the opponent is on their knees, you would have free reign.

But! While you’re having your way with the defeated opponent, there’s still a board full of others! So I in turn consider not allowing anything but a killshot or leaving them behind unless there’s nobody else in sight, and carrying the downed opponentalong when there are. Perhaps even to a totally different board.

Sounds okay to me, really. But what about you?

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