Prefix mobs

Sentient beings are interesting not just because you can talk to them, and fuck them, but also because of their complexity – just the average size of their token trees, compared to those of a wild beast…

Wild beasts, for the above reasons, aren’t as interesting. So how do you balance that out?

Prefix mobs, obviously.

So instead of just a room full of rats, you’d have a few dire rats thrown in, or infectuous rats, or maybe both at the same time. These prefixes would give the beasties interesting twists to their stats, and maybe special effects when attacking.

For example, an infectuous dog would have a bite attack just like any other, but with an added chance of causing dog transformations. A burning snake would have a chance of igniting any flammable materials around it just by moving.

Also I added metal skin.

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A unique NPC that might show up. Shunned from her clan for challenging their leader, even though there’s so few of them left, she has all but embraced the darkness that has come to the land of Nox.

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Character type suggestions?

For a playable character type, I need the following things, where applicable, for the Look function:

Facial descriptions, with variants for different skin types (skin, fur, rubber, scales, slime). Placeholders are the color of the skin and hair.
Example: “[His] face is almost entirely equine in appearance, even having {0} fur.” – horse face with fur.

Ears, with variants for having hair and being bald. The single placeholder is a description of the hair, unavailable for the bald variant.
Example: “[His] {0} is parted by a pair of cat ears.” – cat ears with hair.

Wings, with small and large variants. No placeholders.

Tails, with placeholders for skin color, hair color, butt description, and tentacle tips.
Example: “A thick tentacle extends from [his] {2}, ending in a {3}.” – obvious.

Legs, no placeholders.

For a bodytype (making it a possible encounter, and allowing automorphs), a prose description will do.

For a unique NPC, which can have custom Look descriptions, write that description as it should appear.

Post your suggestions on the board.

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Did some minor presentational work. You can now specify a cell size instead of letting the game figure it out, which makes Fixedsys Excelsior look pretty good, without overly huge cells and such.

It’d probably look even better if it weren’t cleartyped…

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A pondering

Imagine you’re playing Noxico. The PC is standing in a wild board full of opponents. You decide you want to have sex with one of them, but you can’t get close to them on fear of death, because your target isn’t hot and bothered enough to change their intention.

So I consider having an opponent drop to their knees (figuratively speaking) when sufficiently low on health, or even when at zero or lower health, and making only the next strike fatal. This would of course depend on the weapon used. While the opponent is on their knees, you would have free reign.

But! While you’re having your way with the defeated opponent, there’s still a board full of others! So I in turn consider not allowing anything but a killshot or leaving them behind unless there’s nobody else in sight, and carrying the downed opponentalong when there are. Perhaps even to a totally different board.

Sounds okay to me, really. But what about you?

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