No DTD for the body plans and stuff?

Went from this:

  <human />
  <generic text="yes">human</generic>
  <male text="yes">man</male>
  <female text="yes">woman</female>
 <playable />

…to this:

  generic: "human"
  male: "man"
  female: "woman"
 tallness: roll 1d50+150
  length: 6
   oneof blond,brown,black,red,gray,white,auburn
-- Can also do color: oneof blond... to make it a text value for the color
-- token instead of a new child token to color.

This solves the problem of not being able to make a DTD for XML files that include tokens. Not only that, but no end tags to mismatch and no more brackets.

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From the archives

This is the first prototype of what later became Noxico. It had rudimentary scripting, which is in mid-demonstration here. The yellow on blue smiley was white on gray with shades first. A few ticks later, he’d ask “what did you DO!?”

The whole entity generation thing was developed separately at first.

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Yeah, I totes went there

Items can be found on the floor and taken, though there’s a bug where looking at a dropped item or picking it up continues into looking at yourself for some strange reason. Also, the plan is to let the player take anything in a 3×3 grid around him, which would let me put stuff on shelves. Shown here is the part where you can read books, Elder Scrolls style. There is in fact a single “book” item, and the carried item’s tokens determine which one it is – specifically, the ID token.

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