Mastercard Hehheh...
Hi everyone!I think most of you don't remember me but at least some of you should, like you Robin^^and Greg Tommers.

I used to write to the old insidethewe-board and also the very nice OLD agiboard.cjb....

Sorry to put my message right here to confuse you people, but I thought someone will delete this one day...
I just wanted to say that this board...erm...has become very nasty(not the word I was looking for)and not nice to read and now people start to make only games that contain much sex!Oh, please...AGI-Games with wild wild sex...No way...LSL1 was of course good, but the point in the game was NOT to just fuck everyone..I would like to write more to this board and I hope I can, but I think that you should make this board just a little bit more strict so it would be much nicer board.

Well, I'm not trying to argue with anyone of course, and I know that many of you make wonderful AGI-games and maybe even some other games...

If you remember, I and my friend have been making a game for...hmm...two years now and it's not finished yet...We have planned the whole game and made a lot of views, but there are only 3 screens ready. I'm doing the programming and Edgar draws the graphics. I got stuck just a while ago when we started to make the game again (we hadn't been making it for a year or so)and after I have solved that, I'll send Edgar AGI-studio and all that is made of our game yet and we continue making it.
I won't tell the name or anything about the game, but I'm pretty sure that we will put something about it on my wbsite when it is almost ready. And really, don't wait holding your breath, I don't want all our ideas copied so I wont put pictures of it yet.
I'll hang around here...^^
Mastercard. Oh, and I also wanted to ask why I'm always logged out if I do anythiing?If I go to some topic or like that I'm always a guest. I also can't change my profile even if I log in...Any help?I'm registered and logged in, so don't give me that advice^^
AGI1122 Make sure you have cookies enabled, after they are enabled you should be able to log in.
Mastercard. do I make sure that they are enabled?
Joel Regarding the login problem: are you accessing the board via the cjb URL ( If so, then that's probably your problem because I had a problem with that.

Use instead

Regarding sex in AGI games and making the board more strict: in some ways I see your point in others I disagree most strongly. Although I don't have a problem with F@#! Quest by itself, I don't think we need to have the majority of games being FQ clones. On the other hand, sex is a part of life. There's a very good chance there will be some sexual situations in Jen's Quest...however, sex is not what the game is about. Personally, I think the last thing we need in the AGI community is censorship. Even having to write "F@#! Quest" instead of the real title bothers me.
Joel For the record, I don't believe that the majority of games are FQ clones. In fact, the only one that might come close is Date Quest. The only game I know of in the fanmade game community where the objective is to have sex with lots of women is FQ itself.
Rich Joey and Joel speak the truth, Mastercard. Censorship is bad. I hope you know the principles behind the 1st Amendment. You give the right to censor one thing, you've actually given the right to arbitrarilly censor anything. Who knows, maybe one day you'll go to jail just for saying the word "mastercard". Who knows...
Mastercard Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm not saying that games with sex are bad, even AGI-Games with sex can be good. But remember kids, making an AGI-game that contains nearly only sex and is made in two days with grapshics that look llike ****** is not cool... I don't say that F*ck Quest was a terrible game. Only bad thing really was that some graphics didn't really look nice at all (btw, who made them?). I hope FQ2 has nice graphics and also good(hehheh)story. But I hope you admit that games that I described above are really just rubbish.I hope the new games I see aren't like that. Now the forum works, so thanks for the advice Joel. Keep up the good work!^^ Now I solved that little problem I had and the making of our game continues. I hope I have a beta-version ready before winter...
Joel Problem is I don't really know what games you're talking about. Like I said, the only fanmade game I know of where the objective is simply to get in bed with women is FQ.
Mastercard Good point...I think that only that kind of game already released is Fuck Quest.
The thing is that it looks like now people are starting to make games that...hmm...(I think I'll take some more english classes^^)suck. The game that has a goal of fucking(don't mind, you got the point)and is made to look like shit is just an example.In FQ the graphics were much better in the sex scenes compared to the pther places which is a good thing.
I went to chech the UA&S-site with Edgar last week and the games I saw there were usually of course not finished but they also looked like they hadn't got enough time to make them good...
Please, don't start to argue about them, this is just my opinion but I'll stick to it.
Rich Well, the sex scenes were drawn all by me and most of the other garbage was drawn by Icabod, although not all of it. I admit, I did cut a few corners here and there, but overall, I did a decent job. There will be better graphics, a better story and most importantly, more sex!
As for the kids, what can I say... I believe parents need to be their moderator, not the government, and especially no one here. I don't want to be restrained just because some parents can't control their kids.
Mastercard By the way, does FQ2 contain some adventuring, like taking things there and using them there and blah blah...?How much?
Rich Yep, it sures does! There definitely some adventuring to do in this game. You have to get objects and use them in different places. Much more of an adventure than FQ1. Plus, like I may have mentioned, there are a few women in the game you can get with that you don't have to get in order to win the game! You have to use objects and figure out things in order to do so!
I'm so excited!
Joey I don't see how Date Quest comes close to FQ. I can see how DQ2 might. Im really not sure if I should put in sex. I wanted to, but if my parents find out, im dead. I have already put in 1 scene where you see a girl take her shirt off, (and she has no bra on.) but it doesnt really look to nice. I am going to put in some topless girl, but I doubt sex. See im all confused, I want to put it in, but Im really not sure. Someone needs to help me. Should I put it in? Hey, im going to post a topic about this and have people vote!
Please vote!! I need your help!!!!
Joel Understand I said "might come close". Date Quest is similar to FQ only in the sense that in both games the objective is to get a girl you see lying on the grass to want to do something with you (primarily by giving her cheap gifts). The similarities end there. My point was actually that FQ is the only one of its kind in the AGI community. Date Quest is the closest resemblance but it's not the same by a long shot.