(Yet again a new title..) HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

smartguy240 1. Is there some kind of wait command that makes it to where you can stop the logic from being read by the interpreter for a couple of seconds? 2. I am having a problem entering a room. I used AGIBLG to make a new room. I put a object in the room. BUT... when I walk into the room, I can't go anywhere! I can turn in the 4 directions, but I cant move. I can press alt+d and TP to go to another room and it is fine. I tried to take the object out of the room and see if it works, and I can go in the room, but I can not exit the room. (ALSO...does anyone know what to do about this problem???http://www.mega-tokyo.com/forum/index.php?board=4;action=display;threadid=990 \\()//Thanks\\()// SMG240
Joel It's hard to say without seeing your code why you wouldn't be able to exit the room. I am reasonably confident that the BLG will always produce working code (unless you use invalid input...which reminds me, I've still got to make a release version of that thing).
smartguy240 A realese version of what?

Joel a release version of the BLG version 2.0 -- the currently available is a beta that doesn't do much error checking on the input
smartguy240 OHH... i saw the name and I was thinking Joey!! ... :-
smartguy240 ??? ??? ??? ???

What to do...what to do...