WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY VIEW EDITOR? Thanks, it is now fixed!!!

smartguy240 My view editor started saving all of my views as a black block!!! I have tried restaring my computer,I have tried reinstalling AGISTUDIO1.35 and I have tried it on other games, and it still makes the views appear as a black square What is up with that? SMG420
CESS.tk I have that too. You got Windows 2000?
smartguy240 XP Home ED.

smartguy240 It used to work on XP but it doesn't now ! SMG240
smartguy240 Ill try getting ver.1.36

AGI1122 If that doesn't work, try 1.31. It might be a bug in the latest versions by Nailhead?
smartguy240 Hey, I have 1.31,I will see ifthat works!

smartguy240 My view editor worked when I did it under 1.31!!!