Some Old Friends

gpm I know this sounds obvious.. but while browsing some of the old games in Dave Smith's archives, many of the zips come with Readme files with the author's email. Has anybody ever tried contacting some of these people? Having some of the earlier folk on the board would definitely liven up the AGI community...
sonneveld I've chatted with a few people but mostly they've lost interest or they've been busy with real life. Most emails bounce however. :(

- Nick
Randy I feel pretty antiquated here as well. I've been a part of the AGI community since about 1998 and remember a lot of the former members. Although I don't post very often, I do frequent the board from time to time. I've actually started the Operation:Recon project and enlisted Nat Budin's (and eventually Leigh Ann Frey's)excellent programming skills to compliment my artwork with my vision for the game. Lack of free time among all of us pretty much caused that project to halt. It is also quite difficult to head the project while the other guys are coding. I think the person with the idea and vision for the game should also be heavily involved in the programming. It is easier then to enlist in other people's services for things like artwork, music, ...

On a side note -- although it is uncertain, I don't think the ultimate fate for Operation:Recon is much more than the automated demo. I feel bad that it had to end this way because Nat Budin and Leigh Ann Frey have amazing programming skills and have produced excellent code for the game. I was hoping this game could show the AGI community just how impressive they can be.

But anyway, getting back to the point about coding your own game. It was for this reason I learned the ins and outs of AGI LOGIC and I want to thank you all for your support of my past (and future) questions. I've been able to start a new game that I hope will be able to reach my vision for the final product. Because of the disappointing trend of projects dying out, I would like to wait until I get further before releasing any information about it. I may be calling on some of you for assistance in areas of music, pictures, and logic code and I hope I may be able to utilize some of the great talents I've seen from this community.

And one other thing, Nick, have you been able to check your email lately. And if so, have you seen the email and attachment I sent? I was kind of hoping to get your input on that, but if your email is not working I don't know how else to get a hold of you.