New Fu&k Quest webpage

Rich Hi, everyone, I've put my new Fu(k Quest webpage up at You will notice that there are currently no screenshots on there. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the diskette I brought that had the screenshots on it. So, I will have to go home to get them again. Hopefully, I can do this tomorrow, but since I am busy, don't hold your breath. I will put them up though, soon. And, I will release the game eventually. Patience, everyone, especially you, you know who you are. No one likes impatient people. Okay, that's that, for now.

p.s. Go to hell, Icabod.
gpm Hey Rich,
My advice to you is to stop ranting about Icabod. Concentrating on your game and being an active member of the AGI community would serve you best at this point (again, let me emphasize that you probably shouldn't even MENTION Icabod) I'm willing to bet a good number of people on this board are still convinced you and Icabod are the same person, despite your repeated denials.

I know you were hurt when your girlfriend slept with Icabod -- that's no secret -- but think about it: if she was foolish enough to cheat on you, then she really isn't worth it! You need to get over Icabod and your ex-girlfriend. If Icabod posts something to the board, ignore him! This emotional baggage is going to do nothing for you on this board (though it seems to give you inspiration for your game, which is ironic..)

This is not meant to be mean-spirited by any means, I'm just telling you what you need to hear. Good luck on your game.
Rich wrote:

(...), but since I am busy, don't hold your breath. (...)

Busy drawing some backgrounds to make screenshots of I bet...

I'm pretty new to this board, but I've been reading through some old threads and somewhere Rich said that the girl wasn't even his girlfriend, but "she was going to be"...
Joey lol
looks like you got him there.
Rich She was just about to be my girlfriend, until Icabod slept with her. Damnit! Er...
Lol... Cess... funny, but untrue. The backgrounds were drawn, I just have to jog between the computer I'm working on (which has no internet connection) and the computer I am at now, which don't have the FQ2 files on. I keep forgetting to bring them. I'm also quite busy too, ya know.
jelleghys I didn't know where to post it, so I just did it here...
Have you seen this:
gpm Downloaded over 5700 times...
If only the other AGI games got that kind of exposure..

BTW, Rich, how DID you get this kind of exposure? Is it that many people are interested in a fanmade sex game? Kinda makes you wonder...
Joey maybe that will make dq2 popular. ;)

i dont even know if im gonna put it in.
Rich Actually, I had nothing to do with the exposure. It is kind of funny though. All I ever did was put it up on my site, I let the AGI board know, and that was it! I never told any other news group or anyone about it. Looking over all the sites where it is downloadable, it must have been downloaded close to 100,000 times!!! I hope FQ2 will get this kind of exposure too. I only ever plan on letting you guys know about it. We'll see if it spreads on its own.
It is odd that AGI games that are much better never get this kind of exposure. Who knows...
Joey, just make your game the way that YOU want it to be. Don't worry what other people think. I certainly didn't.
Joey i am making my game the way i wish to. anyway, rich i have been on abandonware sites (kinda alot) and i wanted to quickly browse the adult section. FOR NO PARTICUALR REASON!!! I DIDNT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING!!! I SWEAR!!! ;) anyway, fq was there. i saw this on a few sites actually.

Why not? They're just games you know... I don't believe you anyway :P . There are funny games out there!
I remember that we had a game on our 2.86 called Strippoker (I don't think it's hard to guess what it does). Since my dad was the only one who put games on that pc, blablah (you understand ;) ). It was a stupid game, but when I found out that the pictures of the women were saved like this: woman1.pic woman2.pic ... woman5.pic, I switched the numbers. So that the more you won, the more clothes they put on! ;D ;D

Anyway, what I wanted to say:
i have been on abandonware sites (kinda alot) and i wanted to quickly browse the adult section.
That's how I found it on that website...
Jelle wrote:


Why not? They're just games you know... I don't believe you anyway :P . There are funny games out there!

Every played 'True Love' or 'Nocturnal Illusion'? Those are adult games that rock. Great story (especially 'Nocturnal Illusion'), great gameplay (especially in 'True Love') and good graphics. It's not because they're adult games, it means they're bad or shouldn't be played (doesn't mean that they should, too ::) , but you know what I mean) So, there's no shame on looking through adult games.

To get this topic back on track:
Rich, I've played FQ1 and saw the teaser of FQ2. I must admit that FQ2 looks to become far better than FQ1 and I (but especially my little brother ::) am looking forward to play FQ2.

Concearning the distribution of the game: it's a bit like Larry: people who've laughed their fuzzy tuchies off when they played the game give it to other people. Some people feel that lots of people should enjoy the game and load it up to sites. It's logical, but if you guys didn't know it, you'll do now.

HwM This thread reminds me... Has anyone ever played/seen an Italian game called "Larry 0"? Which is basicly a hack of F
Joey its a good thing you dont believe me. (it was a joke people!!!)
Rich Hmmm... I've never heard of this "Larry 0". Is it easy to find? I found a hack of FQ1 where they translated it into I think Russian and the graphics were only changed to reflect names.
I also saw once a hack of the FQ2 teaser where Larry's head was put on Rich's body and Larry was replaced wherever Rich was. Weird. I think they called it the teaser for Larry 4.
It's amazing, truly, how this game has been passed around. I'm sure that FQ2 will be passed around too. With all of the extra sex and so forth.
It will be like FQ1 in that the game will end with a huge sex scene for the effort you took to get there. But, it will also have the benefit of the ability to screw all of the women on the way there! Yeah! Maybe I should remake FQ1 also to have a lot more sex, but when I finish FQ2, I think I'd just rather move onto FQ3. FQ1 is really a throw-away to the story-arc I've begun with FQ2.
Anyway, it's totally off topic now... later.
HwM Well, I prolly found it on my search for some bi-lingual Sierra games... Haven't seen it on any AGI sites though... Here's the link:
(But beware...)
Rich I wasn't able to download it... (couldn't read the language to find the download button), but it looks quite odd from just the screenshots alone.

People must really get a kick out of it to adapt it to something else.

Anyhow, I should point out the continuity error that would arise from this being Larry 0, thus a prequel to the first game:
I'm assuming they use my sex graphics at the end which would mean that Larry has sex in this game. Well, that's impossible. Larry was a virgin at the beginning of Larry 1, so tough luck. They should've done their homework.

Oh well... I just realized I dug myself a hole by making Richard a virgin in FQ1. I now can't have him having sex in any prequel like F%$k Quest 0... arghh!!! oh well.
CapTAmerik@ Why not?

Ego has sex, gets batted in the back by an angry pimp or husband and boom.... amnesia! Come on folks, these are adventures. In story telling, anything can happen.

Who knows: maybe Larry accidentially signed a contract, hiring a hitman to take out Patty. You know how clumsy he can be....

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: use your imagination. I'm sure Roberta Williams and Al Lowe did... all the time!

Rich Contrary to what Stifler might say, whether you remember or not, if you've lost your virginaty, you're not a virgin. The narrator knows best.
CapTAmerik@ Totally wrong!

If he doesn't know himself, who will tell him he's not a virgin anymore? It's not like losing your virginity comes with great bodily adjustment. It's not like you have a stamp on your butt saying: "Lost My Virginity - 2002".

You can still play around with it and have him lose his virginity in a prequel...

CapTAmerik@ wrote:

It's not like you have a stamp on your butt saying: "Lost My Virginity - 2002".

...Unless you have sex with a REALLY kinky chick ;)

CapTAmerik@ Haha, LOL.... Good one, Ally!
Although I don't think the text IN the stamp would be quite the same... If she were to be real kinky, I'm sure she could find a zillion dirty things to mark your ass with...

(Okay, we're in a F^ck Quest treat, so we're not even floating off-topic here!)

sonneveld maybe.. but not exactly family friendly discussion.

- Nick