New game in sci studio.

Robin_Gravel I got the template game's src directory is missing when starting a new game using template.

Sci-studio should be able to create a new directory like agi studio does.

I hope the next version of sci studio will be easier to use specialy to start a new game.

Robin Gravel

Brian_Provinciano It does create a new directory with the template like AGI Studio does. Did you delete the template directory? If not, it must be a win98 issue.
Robin_Gravel Yes. I use win98.

I unpacked sci studio files in /sciedit directory.

I guess the template uses the same directory than sci studio.

If I need to create a template's directory let me know.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano if SCI Studio is in /sciedit, then it needs to be in /sciedit/template.

You need to extract everything to the correct directories. If you extracted it to \scistudio, it would need to be extracted with:


When extracting files (WinZip), you must check the box "Use folder names".

Also, when zipping your games, please set WinZip to use directories as well. The games you send out have the game files and /src files in the same directory. They should be in the same one.
AGI1122 All files are unpacked, but for me it doesn't let me create a directory either. When I choose new game from template all it does is ask me for a directory to place it in but there is no place to enter a name of a directory or a way to create a directory. I have to go and make one first outside of SCI Studio. And yes all files are unpacked with their correct directorys. I too use win98 but not the se version.
Robin_Gravel Not only the new directory did not create but the bad new is sci studio overwrites the last directory you have worked in the last time.


Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano These are all issues related to Win95/98. I'll have to code an entire directory selector from scratch to bypass them. I guess I will have to though.