V help

Joey I downloaded V (the updated demo) from www.agigames.com. I extract the files and put in sierras interpreter files. But then i go into it and it says logdir not found. and that file isnt even in the folder. there is Vdir and Vvol.0
i dont know how to get it to work
AGI1122 Sierra's interpreter cannot be used becauce V is the first ever v3 game. You will have to get a v3 interpreter to play it(there is 1 by Sierra). NAGI should have been included with it since NAGI runs it better than any other interpreter(plus we are designing it useing NAGI as our interpreter.)

You can download NAGI at http://www.agigames.com/site.php?page=interpreters

Just download NAGI and put the content of the zip file into the directory with the game and then run NAGI.

Hope this helps.
Joey thanx
Rich I still can't NAGI to work! It is a silly complicated system! I would like to be able to just drop the NAGI files into the folder with the game files, click an executable and go! it should be that simple! Instead, I have to go through all this shell type interface! It's too complicated! Make your games so they work with Sierra's interpreter or make NAGI actually usually for the lay man. (Heh, heh... lay man)
AGI1122 It is that simple, I just put the NAGI files in the directory and run it.

Either you are doing something wrong or you have a system that doesn't support NAGI's default video/audio options.
sonneveld uh yeh.. chris is right.. unzip it and run it.. or install nagi one directory below and it should detect all the agi games in that directory.

- Nick
Rich That's what i'm talking about! What's the point of it "detecting" all the games? If I click the executable is it going to run all of them? Or, will i get thrown into some nasty shell run system where I have to go through the lists of games? No... that's not what I want. Okay... here's a deal. If someone can e-mail a zipped game with the NAGI interpreter where all I have to do is click an executable and the game will instantly run, as if it were the Sierra intepreter, perhaps I'll consider using it. But, up until this point, I've seen nothing this simple.
AGI1122 It will run it if you put it in the directory with the game. The only time the shell comes up, I think is when there is no game detected in the CURRENT directory. Just unzip it put it in the directory with the game and run it, as simple as that, there won't be any shell stuff, just the game itself.
sonneveld the "nasty" menu system only shows up if NAGI can only detect one game.

if you have a directory system like this:


if you run nagi in agi_games, then it will display a menu with both sq and pq. if you run nagi in the sq or pq directory then you will not see any menu and it will jump straight into the game.

so, in effect, you get your nice little icon to double click on and run so even you should be able to manage that.

it can even be bundled along with the game. Look at V, that runs fine with NAGI bundled along with it.

in the end, I don't know what the hell you're doing wrong.. just complaining about it and not giving me any other information isn't helping.

- Nick
Rich Alright, I apologize. I don't mean to be dissing your system. I will try it again right now. I hope I can get it to work. If not, I will write back with the specifics of what I tried and why I can't get it to work. However, I recall from the several times I downloaded it that it came with no executable.
AGI1122 It does come with an executable. The only interpreter that doesn't have one packaged with it I beleive is Sarien which you have to build(a real pain to do, luckily I have C++).
sonneveld Sarien comes with the executable.. You need the cygwin library though (just like NAGI needs the SDL library) and you need to tack on .exe to the end of the filename I think.

- Nick
AGI1122 Not the win32 binary I made it didn't come with an exe and I had to compile. It runs without the dll. You can find the precompiled win32 binary on my site, as you can see the dll isn't include and it runs just like it normally does.
sonneveld That's what I mean.. there was one file in the win32 package you had to add the .exe extension to.

- Nick