screen shots

Joey does anyone know a program to take screen shots in games. I have 2 but they dont take pics while im playing the game. I no if u hit print screen it will work, but i dont have clipboard since i have win98. can someone tell me a good program?
Kon-Tiki You can do two things. First, you can open Paintbrush and paste it. I have Win98 too and that works just fine, but if you should still have any problems, download Screenthief. If you search with Google, you'll be bound to find it.
Joey yah thanx anyway, but i already found out about the paint thing. thanx though. Hey, Kon-Tiki, are you making an AGI game?
Kon-Tiki Yep, I'm working on a template game with which I'm trying to get accustomed to AGI Studio, and I'm working on a game which (for now) is called 'Piraatje', which is Dutch for 'Little Pirate'. You can get some screenshots over at (it's in Dutch, but the screenshots are at the bottom) and the template game is at I will make a new topic about Piraatje as soon as it's worth posting. Thanks for the interrest