fquest2 demo

Joey RICH!!!! >:(
I think you should release what you have so far of fquest 2. I think most of the AGI community has been waiting for this game long enough. You should post a playable demo of what is done. If you have been lying about fquest 2 for this long then you wont post a demo. If you are not lying then you will post a demo. All those who agree with this, post a reply.
They took my Winchell's! Joey,

Don't be ridiculus! Rich has every right to not release the game until it's finished. I too am very much looking forward to FQ2, but giving Rich an ultimatum will only get you added as one of the characters in the game!!!

"They took my Winchell's!"

Joey lol. I agree with you kinda they took my winchells.
But still, he has been working on this game for years. I dont think it took sierra this long to make any of their AGI games. Part of me doubts this game will ever be released. He should release what he has so far.
Rich Hmm... interesting approach, Joey. However, the game is too close to finished to release what I have. It would just ruin the ultimate release. However, worry not, you won't be integrated into the game as Icabod was. I don't know you like I know him. Plus, I have no idea what you look like.
It's true, I've been working on this for nearly four years, but let me point out a few things. Sierra had several people working on one game and that was all they did. They were getting paid. I'm one person working on a game. And I only can work on it periodically. Still, I promise you, Joey, you will see FQ2 released in it's full glory one bright day!
Brian_Provinciano You should at least post screen shots of stuff that isn't in the ancient demo. No one can blame us for doubting.
I've been around the AGI dev scene since far before FQ1 was even started, so I've been hearing the same posts about handy man and everything over and over. This Rich/Icabod/Tommers/FQ/Handy Man stuff is nuts. I'm really tired of it.

The thing is, we don't even know you ARE the Rich of FQ1. For all we know, you could be a completely different person taking the identity of Rich/Icabod/Tommers/"They took my Winchell's!".

From what I remember, Handy Man was someone's idea for a quality AGI game of clean nature. They probably didn't get past the drawing board or first few rooms then abandoned it. A little while later, when people asked about it, someone (who's not the original creator) started this HM2, HM3 junk on the boards.

If I were the moderator of this board, I'd ban the phrase "Handy Man" all together.

Are you going to update the original FQ web site, or did you "forget _your_ password" to it?
Rich/Icabod/Tommers/"They took my Winchell's!"

Nope "They took my Winchell's!" is someone else, it isn't Rich.

If I were the moderator of this board, I'd ban the phrase "Handy Man" all together.

Only df could do that since he is an admin.

Are you going to update the original FQ web site, or did you "forget _your_ password" to it?

He said he forgot the password, I beleive he said he was going to put up another site or something?
Robin_Gravel Unless Rich's server does not have "forgot your password" option, there's always a way to retrieve back a password by Rich's e-mail or his pseudo.

A day ago, I forgot my password but I don't panic yet.
I used my pseudo to retrieve my lost password.

Robin Gravel
Joey Rich
You said a year ago that you were putting on the finishing touches. What the hell is taking so long. Can you atleast give us a date of when it will be released. I dont want to believe this, but I think you may have abandoned this game.
Chris Cromer wrote:

Rich/Icabod/Tommers/"They took my Winchell's!"

Nope "They took my Winchell's!" is someone else, it isn't Rich.

If I were the moderator of this board, I'd ban the phrase "Handy Man" all together.

Only df could do that since he is an admin.

Are you going to update the original FQ web site, or did you "forget _your_ password" to it?

He said he forgot the password, I beleive he said he was going to put up another site or something?

It's incredibly easy to mask your IP with another. Even some plain http websites can do it for you.

I wasn't referring to a specific quote Rich said. I was referring to the fact that if it's not really him, he wouldn't be able to retreive the password as he would not have access to the email account.

Rich Alright, a few facts here. Let me reiterate, I am not Icabod or greg. And although, I may have started wars here on the board with Icabod, I did not start this war. So, please stop it now. I haven't talked with Icabod actually in awhile, so I don't know what has been going on with him.
Now, to thwart other allegations... I am indeed the same Rich Eter that released FQ back in mid '98. I can't really prove it, but you'll have to go on faith. It is true that I lost my password to that old site, so I can't prove it via there. And before you talk about how it's easy to retrieve it... it's not. At least not for me.
Here's a secret I'm going to let out of the bag now... my real name is not Rich Eter (I hope you already figured this out by now). Likewise, none of the stats that I use under my Rich Eter psuedonym are real either. So, the only way to get back a lost password is by giving zip code and birthday. Now, honestly, I can't remember what false information I used to set up the site four years ago! Give me a break. So, I've set up a new one.
I have been here since near the beginning folks, since May 1998 back when Lance and Peter and the like used to post to the message board... back when it was still Insidetheweb hosted. Long before many of you ever knew about AGI deconstruction at all! (Okay... Brian was around back then... go Brian!!!)
Well, that's that. And Icabod is not a psuedonym of mine!!! Okay? Rich is the only psuedonym I ever use okay!!! I AM NOT ICABOD!!! I've seen him and talked to him, and I wasn't looking in a mirror.
Alright, now, as for FQ2. Everyone is getting a bit anxious here. I will release screen shots in the next few days to shut everyone up about their not actually being such a game. It's true that Heywood isn't working on it anymore, but that's okay. (Heywood isn't Icabod either, by the way). I am busy with other none-AGI related projects, so give me a bit of time.
I hope you will all stop accusing me after this.

I'd like to say I'm excited, but I'm not. After all these attacks despite my years of care for AGI and the community, I'm really quite hurt. I am a person behind this computer screen you know.

Okay, that's enough of a rant for now. I will continue to work on my game.
Brian_Provinciano Okay Rich, I trust you. I'm sorry for the accusations. I guess they should go to the Greg Tommers guy.

I look forward to the screen shots.
Rich Alright, I'm excited again! :D I played FQ2 today and it got my juices flowing. It really is fun for me. I love creating cool games. Tonight, I will be putting together various screenshots and the new website. Hopefully, I will be able to upload it tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure which shots to use yet, but they will be showing of the game. Cool, thanks guys for trusting me.
AGI1122 Well good luck, and hopefully you made alot of progress.
Joey Sorry about that. Im just a little impatient waiting for the game. Good luck with it though! Im looking forward to the screen shots and game.
Rich Thanks, Joey. That just shows me that you really liked the first game and can't wait for the next. I can't put up the screenshots today because a friend ended up coming into town. But, I'm predicting tuesday or wednesday... worst case scenerio!

I'm so excited!
Icabod Hello Fellow AGIers,

Please try not to judge me without knowing all the facts. As Richard already stated we are NOT the same person. Infact, quite the opposite. Richard advocates immorality, releasing games that contain pornography, casual sex, and dishonesty. I, on the other hand, believe in strong moral and family values. My upcoming masterpeice, entitled Lover's Quest, will be suitable for all ages, with goals such as getting married, having children, and being a supportive and decent husband and father.

I know there are lots of people out there that don't believe that I'm working on Lover's Quest. They believe Lover's Quest is some sort of joke like Handyman. I assure you that I AM working on Lover's Quest, and it will eventually be released. Big games take time (especially high quality ones), and I assure you, Lover's Quest will be be worth the wait!

Like Richard, I have been quite hurt by all the personal attacks. I too am a person behind this computer! So please refrain from making judgements. Let's try to remember the reason we're all here ... to keep AGI alive!

AGI1122 You already posted this, please don't cross post.
Icabod Sorry about that. It goes with this thread, so I thought it made sense to attach it here.
Robin_Gravel Hi Icabod.

Icabod wrote:

They believe Lover's Quest is some sort of joke like Handyman.

Could you please send Handyman by e-mail.

Robin Gravel
e-mail: robingravel@fjord-best.com
Joey lol
Joey Robin
tell me if he emails it to u.
Icabod Robin,

Why are you asking me for Handyman? Once again, I am Icabod. I am NOT Greg Tommers, and I am certainly NOT Richard Eter. Greg is the one behind Handyman. Like everyone else, I don't believe that it exists. If our IP addresses every matched in the past it's because Greg must have posted as me. Don't blame me for Greg's trickery!

Robin, accusations hurt, especially coming from you because I loved your games so much.

Joey Icabod......
do u have a web site we could view.
that has lovers quest pics or what ever else?
mabey that will prove that u really are Icabod. Im not saying your not. I have no idea who u are. But mabey the AGI community will believe that u are icabod.
Robin_Gravel I do not accuse you of anything but I was thinking if you have a copy of handyman since Greg Tommers did not replied to me.

After all Lover's quest has some handyman jokes.

I appologize if I hurt your feelings.

Robin Gravel
Joey wait a second
robin, how do u no lovers quest has some jokes of handyman.
is a demo out yet or something?
Robin_Gravel Yes. Icabod has a site:


But I didn't find a demo at the moment. Sorry Icabod,
I was messed up with Loki who has a handyman game.

Just read the ancian threats about handyman.

Robin Gravel
Joey wait. im getting confused. there is a copy of handyman?
if there is, i want it.
Robin_Gravel Joey.

I believe handyman is a joke.

I don't want to bother Icabod about it again.
Icabod: please forget my silly question about handyman.

Robin Gravel
Icabod wrote:

Big games take time (especially high quality ones), and I assure you, Lover's Quest will be be worth the wait!

Do you mean the picture on your site is what you consider high quality?

Icabod That was the first AGI scene I had ever drawn. I've gotten much better since then. Possibly I'll post some newer screenshots before the final release...

stay tuned!
Joey Well how far complete is your game. Can you give us a percent?
Joey ICABOD!!!!!!
can u tell us how far complete you game is?
Joey ICABOD!!!!!
can u tell us how far complete your game is?
or post new screen shots on your web page?
Icabod Joey,

It's hard to say for sure, but I would guess I'm about 60% done. Lately I've been pretty busy with other things, but I'll try to work on it some this weekend.

Rich Damnit, Icabod, that's the same site you had up from like a year ago! If I have to put up a new site with new screen shots, then so do you!
I want to point out here people how crappy his scene looks. It's just garbage. It's the same garbage that he drew for scenes of FQ1 (back when we used to still be friends and we worked together). I'm glad to say that since he didn't help me with FQ2, I ended up drawing the pictures myself, so they're of a much higher quality. (I did draw the sex scenes from FQ1 myself, that's why they're so much better). So, go ahead, bring it on Icabod. I really want to see if you can make a better game than me! Har har har har! 60% done. Yeah, right... we'll see, people.

btw, sorry for the delays, people on my site update. I've had to work overtime this week at work and it's exhausted me out. But, I'll have it ready soon, alright.
I'm so excited!
Rich Oh, btw, Icabod... I don't believe in immorality. I think we just have different ideas of what immorality is. I don't think I'm immoral at all because I believe what I'm doing is a good thing... which it is. FQ is wonderful series that people enjoy and have a good time with. If anything, you're the immoral one! Let us not forget, you helped draw some scenes for FQ1! In a sense, you worked on a game that broke your own ethics, so that makes you immoral. PLus, let us not forget you slept with my girlfriend. But, I digress, I'm trying not to make war here anymore on this AGI board.
Except for your cameo in my game, I'm going to ignore you from now on. All I want is to be a respected member of this community and the anger you make me feel with your presence makes that difficult. I think that once and for all, you should just go!
Ah... sorry, people. Again, I'll have those screenshots up soon! Tomorrow if I can. Okay. bye.
Joey So Rich, hows fq2 coming along. is it almost done?
Rich Please, stop asking, Joey. It'll be done when it's done.
Joey lol
im just getting impatient