Joey Sorry I've been asking for a lot of help lately. But I really want to get Date Quest 2 finished. I need help with this. For practice on priority lines I draw a picture of a tree on both visual and priority screens. I draw the Priority lines and save. I add it to the game then run the game. When I walk to the priority lines, I do not go throught them. Thats good. But If I try to walk through the rest of the tree im like stepping on it. Im on top of it. I wanted it so I would be behind it. Could someone tell me how to make it so I walk behind it and not on it? But some of the tree I am behind. The other part im in front of on top. ??? :'(
blacki Make sure the whole tree is the same priority color.
Otherwise you have the wrong priority color for your object. Also try to place the base of your tree (or other object) where the priority lines change.

Have a look at a few of sierra's PIC screens and priority lines, they may help you get a better idea on what to do. ie, each object in the picture (wall, tree, bin, desk) is the same priority color depending on where it is on the screen.

Have a look at the help file that came with AgiStudio, I'm sure it has a section about the priority screen colors.