handyman, fq2, and lovers quest

Joey im just wondering if any handyman games are available for download. if fq2 is out please tell me. same with lovers quest. i anticipate all these games. someone tell me where i can get a copy of one! ???
AGI1122 Handyman was a fake game, it was a joke(although not really funny).

Lovers Quest will probably never be made since icabod and Rich are the same persona. And FQ2 might be finished soon but part of me doubts it will be finished.
Rich i agree that lover's quest will never be made. icabod was just doing that to piss me off. but to reiterate a point i've made before...
sorry, chum, icabod and i are not the same at all. we are two people that happen to know each other and we were once friends, though not anymore.
fq2 will be completed, joey, that is one thing you can count on.
i know nothing of this handyman thing. i believe that was someone named greg tommers. i doubt we'll see any of that. like chris said, i think it was a joke.

AGI1122 ::) You are Greg Tommers, you are Icabod, and you are Rich as well as a few other names. IP logs don't lie. But anyway, good luck with finishing FQ2.
Joey Thanks guys. ;)
Rich You're right, Chris. IP addresses don't lie. If you actually happen to have these (which I doubt you do), take a look and you will find that mine don't match Icabod or this Greg. And that is because, I am not them. Sorry, Chum.