Sound Editor

Ravi (Note: The board seems to chop off URLS at tildes. Clicking on the links won't work, you'll have to type or copy/paste the full address.)

The editor is available at It is untested and unpolished, but should do for the moment. I plan on cleaning it up then releasing it under the Lesser GPL, but for now consider it public domain.

To play imported MIDI files in Sierra's DOS interpreter, use the driver at

The quick instructions:

Have an SMF file to import. It must be format 0 or format 1. Leave channel 15 blank (channel 16 if you count starting from 1 instead of 0). Don't rely on sysex messages. They will be stripped during import. For best results, keep the original MIDI file as simple as possible.

Use File -> Import MIDI to convert from SMF to SCI0 sound resource.

Use File -> Save As to save the resource to disk.

Be careful with large files. Sound resources should be under 64k.

It isn't necessary to use any other parts of the editor. If you're interested, though, the SCI0 sound resource specificaiton explains editable features of sound resources.
AGI1122 Yeah that is a bug with the board, and I need to get the fix for df to apply it but for now on use this:

And then it will work:
Brian_Provinciano Great job! With your sound editor and the new driver, the SCI sounds generally sound perfect! I can't wait for the next version!
sepulchrave wonderful
i'll test it soon, i'm just gonna frag some ppl online first :)
sepulchrave finally i heard something different, not those old sierra tunes we've heard for years and years :D

this looks sweeet!