SCI Studio VGA

Omer Mor Brian, if you already mentioned it, I'd like to ask a question about your future SCI Studio VGA:
I wonder whether it would be possible to write VGA SCI1 games using a text parser like the older EGA SCI0 games?
I think that it's just a matter of writing the right class system. Maybe it would even be possibleto just modify the current class system from the SCI0 games to fit the newer SCI1 engine.
What do you think?
And what do you, the fans of sierra games think about making VGA games with parser?
I personally liked more the parser based games, so I think it'd be great to have parser in newer VGA games.
Omer Mor.
AGI1122 I would like to back you up in saying that I would like a parser in the SCI VGA games as well.

I am pretty sure it is possible but I guess only a few people like Brian could be 100% sure.
Joe Hm, I like the text parser, but it wouldn't seem right to me to have one in a VGA game. I'm not saying that it's a bad idea, but just that I won't use it. It IS a good idea, IMO. It would be like playing a 256 color SCI0 with a better class layout.
Joe Forgot to put 'game' between 'SCI0' and 'with'. Pardon
AGI1122 If I remember correctly LSL7 which is a VGA game had a parser and mouse interface, and that game rocked. So it isn't unordinary to have a parser in a VGA game.
Joe For me it would be, is what I'm saying. I haven't played Leisure Suit Larry 7.
Joe I'm probably sounding like an ass. I don't mean to sound arrogent, Chris.
AGI1122 No you didn't sound arragant, you where just voicing your opinions as was I.
sonneveld As long as you don't abuse anybody and let them have their say, it doesn't matter what you post. If we all agreed with each other, things would be a tad boring. :)

- Nick
Omer Mor I must agree with you there Nick - we shouldn't agree with each other all the time ;)
About LSL7: I played it and it's a GREAT game, and the parser is also nice - BUT I wouldn't call it a parser - it didn't parse real sentences like the old games.
For people who didn't play LSL7 I'll explain:
You had an option there to click on an object on the screen, select "other..." and then write a verb using the keyboard. it's nice, and brought back some memories from the parser based games, but it's not a real parser.
Well, I'm still waiting for an answer from our lord Brian about the ability to bring back the parser to the VGA games.
Omer Mor
our lord Brian
:o ::)
Brian_Provinciano Most of the SCI game is the class system, the inventory, the control lines, the ego, the dialog boxes, the movement, the doors, switching rooms, etc. However, the parser is one of the very few parts of the game that is part of the interpreter. SCI games with a parser use an INCREDIBLY intelligent and complex parser system (see the FreeSCI docs). There would really be no way to implement a parser like that in SCI1 games. LSL7 has an "enter verb" thing, but that's about as far as you'd get.

The only way to get a good parser in SCI VGA games would be to hack the SCI0 engine, which I am not going to do. I've got so much to do with SCI Studio EGA, SCI Studio VGA, the second EGA tutorial, the VGA help file/tutorial, and the VGA template game, it's really not on my list.
Omer Mor Bummer...
Anyway, I wouldn't expect you to hack the SCI engine just for that.
I hoped it was implemented in the class system so it would be an easy thing to import, but if it's in the engine - what can I say.
If other people would like to investigate this further they should check QFG2 which has an interpreter but is very close to the SCI1 engine. this interpreter comes in 2 versions: EGA & VGA, and is avaliable in the christmas card of 1990. the EGA version is compatible with QFG2, which means it supports interpretrs. so my guess is that the VGA version also supports interpretrs and we can use it to make VGA games with interpreters after some investigation/hacking.
Brian_Provinciano It doesn't really matter too much which interpreter I use as long as it's SCI1 and VGA. I've chosen the LSL1VGA one because it's solid and has a solid class system. No SCI1 games have a debugger except for the Jones in the Fast Lane VGA one, but since it doesn't have the the full adventure game class system, it's not a good choice. I also made sure to choose one that's not too early of a version.

Though the SCI template games and their class systems are written 100% by myself, I still need to base them off the originals to make sure they work perfectly with the interpreter.

Past SCI0, almost all SCI games/interpreters are incompatible. The QFG thing is a rare occurance. By chosing LSL1VGA, we'll likely all be using the LSL1VGA interpreter. Hopefully though, I'll be able to tweak it for others.
Lars Skovlund It's not possible to use the parser in VGA games with Sierra SCI. On the other hand, FreeSCI binds kernel calls at run time, so we can get support for parsers there.
It requires a special class hierarchy (a cross between SCI0 and SCI1), and a customised VOCAB.999.
SCI Studio does not support editing the kernel table, but in my opinion it shouldn't, because the feature isn't generally useful.
I could make one that would work, that SCI studio could import.
But first things first of course - we need VGA support (in SCI studio as well as FreeSCI)
before these things can even be considered.