Sound in SCI0 games

Ravi The first cut at a new sound resource editor is done. I plan on releasing it tomorrow. That's a little premature, but there's been enough interest about music that I want to get it out as quickly as possible.

Note that the sound editor I'm writing is not and probably never will be a composition tool. It converts SMF to SCI0 sound and manages things like cues and the loop point, but it won't let you actually write music.

I also plan on releasing a new sound driver to play resources converted from GM tracks. In short, it will use play flag 0x80 and simply dump the events as-are to the MPU. This will affect FreeSCI and any other programs which hope to play music from new SCI0 games, so if anyone wants to discuss this plan then feel free to bring it up.
Brian_Provinciano Awesome! I'm finishing the first release of the second tutorials, working on a new version of SCI Studio 2.1, and building the VGA template game. Everything's coming together so well, with this and your sound tools/drivers!
Joe You're ALREADY making the VGA tutorial?! :o Wow!
Brian_Provinciano I'm making new chapters for the _EGA tutorial_, but am also working on the _VGA template game_. The VGA template game is the most important step in making SCI Studio VGA. The resource tools and editors are secondary. Once the template is finished, finishing the VGA studio and tutorials will be a breeze.

I should have my VGA template done in a week or so, but don't expect the VGA SCI Studio any time soon. I still need to iron out the EGA one, and then it will take a little while to finish the VGA one.

I can make the VGA game because of all the little homebrew tools I've made, but they're far from a studio. I'm not going to work on the whole VGA SCI Studio IDE and all until the EGA one is 99% perfect.

Don't worry great parser adventure fans! I will continue working on SCI Studio EGA when working on VGA, and after! I think that they are different enough that they will both have enough users to be worth supporting after the VGA is done.