SCI Newbie - Where to step first?

TGallagher Hello to members of this fine forum. I've been following the fan-made AGI/SCI scene for a while as a casual bystander...downloaded some of the games and had some fun.

Now, with SCI Studio ready to make games, I'd like to jump in. Problem: I don't know a lick of computer programming. The tutorial suggests a basic knowledge of object-oriented syntax. I don't have that. I need that. How?

Can anybody suggest some good books on C or whatever to bring me to a level where I can at least know what I'm messing with in SCI Studio?

I've been playing Sierra adventures since the Apple ]
Robin_Gravel If you already have sci studio, I suggest to go to
and download the tutorial and follow it to know the base the sci programming.

If you don't have sci studio, go to the site and download it.

Making a sci game is fun.

Robin Gravel
TGallagher I already have the SCI Studio program and have looked at the tutorial. It's that tutorial that says a user should have a good working knowledge of the structure of object oriented programming. My initial question was if anybody could suggest a good place to start in learning that basic knowledge to being SCI game creation. Any suggestions?

Brian_Provinciano You can never know too many languages, so learning another first is a good idea. I'd suggest C++, Java or Delphi. Delphi is the easiest, C++ is the hardest. Though I was able to teach Java to newbies, most found it very tricky. Delphi on the other hand is all visual, so you might not learn the programming as much.

Most don't recommend stepping right into C++ (or Java). However, I did start in C++ and taught myself, so it can be done. You just need a good book and serious motivation. Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days was good. The only thing is that you can't rush is, and if something doesn't make sense, read it over and over.

You could also learn Macromedia Flash ActionScript. You can get the free trial (Flash MX) from their site, and it includes OUTSTANDING tutorials! They're long, but hey, aren't all books? Flash has the best online tutorials in my opinion, and it's 100% object oriented.

In conclusion, though it recommends that you have prior programming experience, I have been talking with a user who had absolutely no programming experience, but through the tutorial, was able to learn it and is making a game. The game looks great too!

I do suggest learning object oriented programming, but you could try the SCI Studio tutorial and playing around with the template.
TGallagher Brian, thanks. I guess, first, I'll try and walk myself through your tutorials and see if I can grasp the fundamentals. Mainly, what I am leary of is the formatting of the program...all the {s and such.

I can probably figure it out...just need to play with it. I'll let you know how I come along.