vAGI b8

Joakim Time again for a new beta of Visual AGI. As the last resource, this build includes only the sound editor part of Visual AGI.

The major feature of this beta is that I've finally written a complete XML reader/writer that is used to manage the resources. We will store all edited resources from Visual AGI as XML, so that it will be easy to manually fine-tune parts of the resources, or to write third-party utilities using the same resource format.

To view the XML, rename a sound resource (.vas) to ".xml", and open it in Internet Explorer, which have a nice XSL for XML viewing. If you have any suggestions on the format, please contact me!

Even though saved files in XML is a bit larger than binary formats, I think it is worth it in the long run. Perhaps we could all "unite" on one XML format for each AGI resource? That way it will be easier to write new utilities to create great adventures.

Anyhow, visit for the new beta!

/ Joakim
sonneveld hey, good on ya. I'll give it a go and tell you how I went. :)

- Nick