how to insert midi in my game?

sepulchrave i've begun making my game
and my brother has a lot of midi music he's made.
but i don't know how to insert the midi in the game.

what midi functions are available in sci?
do i need some kind of converter first?
how many instruments and tracks can i use?

also i've been listening to the music in brian's game and it seems out of sync to me. can it be my soundcard?
i've got a creative sb-live using the GM driver
AGI1122 The sound from Brian's games(well the ones I have heard anyway) came from Sierra games. As for haveing your own sounds, I think there was a midi to SCI sound converter some where, I couldn't ever get it to work though. When I played the sound nothing came out of the speaker at all. You can find the utitly at

Good luck.
Ravi The old converter will not necessarily work for any given MIDI file. More than that, I believe it only flags channels for Adlib playback.

As I recall, (though I don't want to speak for him in this) Brain mentioned that he intends to include a sound editor with SCI Studio sometime in the future. I'd be happy to put together a more capable conversion program in the meantime, though.
Brian_Provinciano To _fully_ complete the SCI game development system, it will need a sound editor. I did state that I was planning on making one, so, if no one else makes one, I suppose I will. However, I'm not a musician, nor do I have experience with programming audio. If you can create an editor, or even a midi converter that works on more midi types, I will add it to SCI Studio and give you full credit.

I don't know too much about low level sound stuff, but I thinking that if you do it in Windows, you could let windows load the midi, and then convert the loaded file in the windows format (presuming it will do this).

I'm working more on bug removal and such. I don't plan on working on a sound editor until the bugs are fixed.

Also, if you can do the sound tools, I can do SCI Studio VGA sooner.
Joakim How does SCI0 handle music then? I thought it was MIDI, or similar to MIDI already? Either way, you could always use parts of my AGI tracker for SCI Studio. ;)

/ Joakim
Brian_Provinciano It's appearently similar to midi, but not exactly. I'm not going to be doing an editor anytime soon though (I need to do other SCI Studio stuff). It might not be so hard for you to modify your AGI editor to an SCI sound editor. If you want to do one, that would be great! Then I could work on SCI Studio VGA (wohoo!).

All the docs you'd need are on Ravi and FreeSCI's sites.
sepulchrave yeah chris, same happens to me. nothing.
it doesn't report any errors and it doesn't make any noise whatsoever.

to make the midi type 0 i've used the free stuff from this site:
scroll down to "Free MIDI programs"

i've also exported MIDI with Cubase as type 0.
then i've used the converter MIDI2SND and replaced the soundfiles in SCI editor.

but i get no sound :(

anyone got any clues?

Brian_Provinciano If you're running windows and get not sound, it's probably the driver. Sierra's ADL.DRV doesn't work with many windows sound cards or XP. Go to Ravi's site and get the GM.DRV. It should fix your problem.
AGI1122 Well I know the problem isn't my driver(since other games play sound just find with my driver). I usually use STD.drv or Soundblast.drv
sepulchrave i'm also using Ravi's GM.DRV and i have changed the resource.cfg and chosen the GM driver there

i get sound with the MIDI files in the template game and other SCI games, but not the MIDI files i've inserted in my game