No drawing?

CMK2901 Just a little while ago I opened up SQ3 with SCI to go through the pictures and try to get the gist on how to make pictures like Sierra did. I pushed the << button and then started clicking > like mad to get to the end of the picture. Around the end of the picture, when all the little details are being filled in, I get the message:

"Canvas does not allow drawing."

So I was wondering if "drawing" might be a tool in the Sierra version SCI and has not been released for this one yet, or is it something else?
Joe I believe it is an error of some kind or a feature that keeps the Picture Creater from causing an error. I recieve that same message frequently. With me, the problem sometimes occurs when an extra 'End of Pic' bye accidently is thrown in. It may be something different though, as I am able to easily remove the byte and continue the pic.
Brian_Provinciano It's a Borland C++ bug (the compiler I used to make SCI Studio). I'm working on a work around for it.