Tiny little bugs

CMK2901 I get a few very descrete bugs a lot (don't know about anyone else) but I thought you would like to know them:

1. If I change colors while I have the abs. pen selected, I get an invalid pic action and I have to delete that step to continue.

2. When working with views, I will often suddenly lose a one cel, but it will appear in game.

3. If I'm doing control lines on the visual screen and I change to the control screen WITHOUT first right clicking to stop the control line and I try to draw on the control screen, SCI Studio goes crazy and either quits out or freezes.

There you have it. Sorry if you wanted bugs e-mailed, but I don't like working with e-mail. Too complicated.
Brian_Provinciano Thanks for the bugs reports. I'll fix them for the next version.

Don't worry, you can send bug reports here or by email, both work.