SCI Studio Translator Released!

Brian_Provinciano Today I bring to you the SCI Studio Translator 2.1! With it, you can create SCI Studio translation files, which I can then use to convert SCI Studio into a different language! With your help, we can have an Italian version, Spanish version, French version, you name it! Any version at all! If you speak any language other than English and are interested in helping out the SCI Studio community, download the SCI Studio Translator and give it a shot! Translating it is very easy on your part. Just type in the text equivalents.
francisco hey man i will try to help you with the spanish....
and i have a little question.... i can use another program to create pics???? like rooms or characters?? if it is possible please let me know what program can i use. thanks, now i will download the traslator to give you a hand, thanks for this program. =)
francisco from argentina.
Brian_Provinciano I've already got someone translating it to Spanish, but you can give it a shot if you like.

There are no other programs for creating the graphics, but why would you need them? I'm kind of insulted, heh.

You can't just edit the (EGA) background pictures like you would in normal paint programs due to their file format. You need to edit them in the manner that SCI Studio edits them. If there were other programs, they would operate exactly the same as SCI Studio's picture editor.