problem starting scistudio

Patrick I've downloaded the latest version of Scistudio. When I start Scistudio, I immediately get a message about an unknown error and that the program will be closed. :(

I know it has something to do with my computer, but did anybody else had the same problems. If so, what was the solution?

My operating system is Windows 98 SE Dutch version. Don't know if it is any help, but underneath are the details of the error: ???

SCISTUDIO heeft een fout met betrekking tot een ongeldige pagina veroorzaakt in
module SCISTUDIO.EXE op0167:006825c0.
EAX=ffffb857 CS=0167 EIP=006825c0 EFLGS=00010293
EBX=fed50000 SS=016f ESP=008bfe18 EBP=ffffb857
ECX=00000009 DS=016f ESI=005e5015 FS=3dd7
EDX=003fc86b ES=016f EDI=00401014 GS=0000
Bytes in CS:EIP:
8b 02 83 c2 04 89 07 83 c7 04 83 e9 04 77 f1 01
00401000 00000000 004003f3 008bff78 008bfe3c 00000000 8163a2e4 c14005f4 004003e1 bff8b560 00000000 8163a284 007b0000 73696353 69647574 5845006f

Brian_Provinciano I really wouldn't be able to figure out the problem unless I have a computer identical to yours running the same windows version with Turbo Debugger. Unfortunately, the Access Violation messages tell me nothing unless I'm running SCI Studio through Turbo Debugger.

Can you tell me more about this problem? Does it occur every time you run SCI Studio? Does it occur in the previous version?