CMK2901 Is there any real good way to scale views or figure out how big they should be in your picture?

ex: I need to make some wall lockers, but I don't really have a way to make sure they are the right size in comparison to the rest of my picture.
AGI1122 Just estimation and practice. I don't think there is a real "trick" to it just practice makeing pictures and learn how to get them to scale with the charaters in your game.
Brian_Provinciano Once you have your view size chosen (ie. the first view is drawn), you can base all your pictures off that. I'd look at Police Quest's locker room, and the size of the views in it. You'll get a general idea of proportion.

Just remember, it doesn't need to be perfect. As early Sierra games don't support view scaling, there were many instances in Sierra's games where the view seemed to "grow" in propotion to the background as it moved up the screen due to the picture's perspective. It's no big deal.

Good luck!