SCI Studio 2.11 Released!

Brian_Provinciano SCI Studio 2.11 has been released!

Improving the previous release of SCI Studio 2.1, the latest version makes SCI game creation even easier! It brings many new features suggested by you, the users! It also includes a number of bug fixes.

Here's a rundown on main the new features:

*The DPath.SC in the template game has been fixed. This is an important update for anyone making games!
*Added deleting of allocated windows which weren't freed.
*Converted all runtime memory allocated in the resource explorer to static memory. This should fix all the memory leaks in the resource explorer!
*Fixed the bug in the resource explorer where it wouldn't realize which item is selected if the preview is turned off.
*Fixed a bug in the script compiler which would cause it to go in an infinate loop if you entered an invalid said string.
*The View/Font editors now have the ability to shift all the cels/chars at once.
*Multiple undo in the view, font and cursor editors!
*Selection and drag tools in the view editor!
*Font tester catches out of range characters.
*Added an example in the template's on how to use global said statements.

Joe Brian, there is a bug in the view editor that I have been experiencing. Sometimes while cycling through cels in the view editor, a cel doesn't show up. When I save it to my game, or to a file, the frame appears all garbled and the view will crash my game. I don't know if this is a problem with my computer or the Studio. I am using Windows 98. Thanks for all the new additions to the Studio! :)
Brian_Provinciano Does this happen with SCI Studio 2.11?
Joe It happens with both SCI Studio 2.1 and 2.11.
AGI1122 Great job Brian. Can't wait to play around with all this. :)
Joe Brian, the bug only happens on my 98. Strange. Works fine on my 2000 and my XP. Oh well.
Brian_Provinciano I'll see what I can do.
sepulchrave the garbled things appear on my win xp machine too
i've been using the 2.1 version and haven't tried the new one yet. it locks up the game and destroys the image drawn.