Updated Links List Test

sonneveld Hi, I've got a test version of my updated links page: agidev links It has every single AGI link I could get my hands on. I even managed to link to some material in archive.org. I've marked those out especially since it's material that's no longer available normally. Any suggestions? Did I miss any sites? Do you think I should break it up into more categories? This is actually all stored in a database, allowing me to change bits 'n pieces willy nilly. I've been working on databases and php at the moment.. agidev will still have static pages, I'm just trying to make it easier to update everything. well, I'm sick of looking at links... I'll look at it again tomorrow. :) - Nick
AGI1122 Wow nice job Nick. Here is 3 more links for you: http://www.agigames.com/news.php AGI News http://www.agigames.com/scinews.php SCI News http://www.agigames.com/scigames/ SCI Game Uploader
sonneveld ok, added those and some sierra related links. I also split some categories into Sierra and Tools related.

- Nick
Brian_Provinciano The link to my SCI Studio web site is wrong. Link to:


also, "SCI Studio - Recently released beta!! Create your own SCI games " is a mistake. I'll be releasing 2.11 Monday!
sonneveld ahah.. cheers.

- Nick
sonneveld ok, I've updated the links page on agidev.com now. Let me know if you want anything else added or changed.

agidev links

- Nick
Rich I do want to point out that F#$@ Quest was not abandoned. It is actually a complete and finished game. The sequel FQ2 which is not yet complete is not abandoned either. There was never a time it was abandoned. It is actually very close to finished. However, I lost my password and information to the linked site, so I had to make a new site. I will be presenting that when I release the game. Thanks.

sonneveld righto
sonneveld rich, your site has been recategorised. Perhaps you should try pleading with geocities to get your site back. I think that particular url has links everywhere.

- Nick
sonneveld Brian, I've got links on the brain but I noticed your site links page links to agidev incorrectly. Also the webring link you have is broken. You could try http://www.webring.com/hub?ring=agiring or http://www.agidev.com/webring.html Cheers! - Nick