Getting properties from classes

Joe This will probably be an easy (and possibly idiotic/obvious) question, but how to I assign a variable the Ego's x and/or y variables? In other words, how do I get the Ego's position, and put it into a variable?
Brian_Provinciano You can do something like this: (var theEgosX) // ex. Getting the ego's X = theEgosX (send gEgo:x) // ex. Setting the ego's X to 10 (send gTheEgo:x( 10 )) You can see how stuff like that is done in the examples above. However, never try to set the ego's x and y like that, use the procededure provided with the template. By the way, the tutorial explains how to do that. Please read it in it's entirety. When done, you'll know SCI like the back of your hand!
Joe Yes. I'm afraid I skipped most of the tutorial, but now I will read it thoroughly. Thank you.