A possible hack thing?

CMK2901 Is there any possibility of somekind of hack being made so you can make the smooth pictures used in SCI games, but use the easy AGI language? That would be cool.

Also, is there any utility that allows you to change SCI picture files into standard BMP/PCX/TGA files?
CMK2901 Oh, I forgot something. I was doing the SCI tutorial and it IS very easy to follow. I got up to the inventory chapter where I had some problems. I inserted all the code that was told to put in in the tutorial, but when I went in-game to pick up the key, I got a standard I-don't-understand response. Whats up with that? It should work right?
Brian_Provinciano FreeSCI can run SCI games with higher resolution rendered pictures. http://freesci.linuxgames.com.

SCI is too different and would not be able to use AGI's logic language.

Are you sure your put the "if(Said" in the right method/instance?

Good luck!
Andrew_Baker It would be possible to use something like Python to make an interpreter that had very simple commands but used modern resolution and speed.

But then... it wouldn't be SCI...

Brian_Provinciano It would be possible to write a compiler for SCI which uses a C++, Java, Delphi, Python, or any other syntax, but I chose to use a syntax similar to the original SCI.

The fact that it uses a different language shouldn't be a bother. Someone who knows two programming languages should be able to pick up another very easily. After I learned C++ and PC Assembly, I was able to pick up Pascal in a week and program an entire NES Legend of Zelda style game the following week. I learned Java in a week, and was teaching it to 25 other people the next week. I learned Basic in one hour to do a job for someone on the spot. I learned Visual Basic in half an hour to help someone with their home work. All the other languages, even machine languages come easily. So you see, once you know a few languages, the others come very easily. You just need to know how to break new languages into blocks, learn those blocks, and then you're set.

Now I'm learning Flash action script for work... it never ends!

If you are having trouble with SCI's language, just continually modify the template game, changing text, views, and adding things in here and there. Go over the tutorial. If it doesn't stick, don't worry. Just play around with the template some more. Go back, and it should make more sense. If you go through the tutorial from the top, you shouldn't have any problem learning, especially if you go through it a few times.
Andrew_Baker Actually, Brian, after releasing a few AGI games, I'm going to release my own scripting language. It will be different than SCI, but I totally support using SCI for its own sake.
sonneveld just a question andrew... do you literally.. literally have wasps in your head? :)

- Nick
Ben Jacobson i think it is possible to make sci support the agi language
cuz all you gotta do is find the code code (whatever its called, im new to programming) and use that to remake
the sci studio with the limitations of agi but use the same graphics. kinda like agi studio with better graphics

Pikachu14 That's sayonara, thank you.
Brian_Provinciano Of course you could manually recode an AGI game in SCI, but that's a lot of work. The point was that it wouldn't be possible to convert AGI games to SCI with a simple one-step program.
Mokalus_of_Borg Couldn't you write a new class system based on the AGI virtual machine, and then do some fairly simple translations from the AGI source or bytecode to SCI syntax? I haven't looked very closely at either language, so I'm not certain, but that was my plan for the script conversion part of AGI2SCI.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I know it's a bit of a waste to use the SCI engine that way.
PPS - I just wanted to see if I could do it.
Brian_Provinciano I suppose, but that would be basicly like writing a new interpreter (a lot of work).