My first SCI game

Robert Eric Ignore this.
Robert Eric I forgot to change the speed gauge back. I was experimenting with adding another menu item but it didn't work, so I just changed the speed gauge to say stuff about the filth level. It still changes the speed. Pardon.
AGI1122 Sorry to dissapoint you... but that isn't the first fan made SCI game... that is the first fan made demo(that wasn't made by Brian).

Complete a game then we can call it the first fan made SCI game.
Brian_Provinciano Nice to see you playing around with SCI. However, Chris is right. There are already a number of SCI demos, by Lars and Ravi to name a few. There are also many fan made games and demos under development which just haven't been released, as they aren't complete yet. I've even made a number of SCI1 demos, just not released them.

I was emailed a fan made game today, but it contained Sierra graphics, so I'm not going to post it. It's fine to use other people's graphics when learning how to code, but when releasing a game, you should always draw your own.

I was actually planning on using the "Brian" view in my game, but might draw a new one if a lot of people use it for their games.

If people use Sierra's pics or views in their games, I will be unable to put them on my sites. The only times I've put fan made games on my site with Sierra graphics are when I don't know they actually are from Sierra games.
Robert Eric Pardon my stupidity. I didn't realize.