Chris's AGI Web Site Update...

AGI1122 My site has gone down... and so has the site for my hosting company... hopefully it will be back up soon. But until then sorry that it isn't up and running.
AGI1122 Alright is back up. ::)

Also check out what I found: :)
smartguy240 'Atta boy Chris!!! ;D That is some major good responses!!! Were are proud to have people like you promoting the AGI community! 8)

SMG240 ;)
AGI1122 Thanks. :) I thought that interview was pretty weird though... some funny responses though. ;D
AGI1122 Site went down again... and just as I was getting ready to open up a new section of it. ::)

They are updateing the servers... hopefully this will be done soon so I can finish what I was doing.