SCI Studio 2.1 Released!

Brian_Provinciano SCI Studio 2.1 is finally here! You can now make complete SCI games!

I am so excited! I've been working on it for well over three years, and finally done it!

The site includes everything you'll need to get started! SCI Studio 2.1, the tutorial, and the help file.

Everyone who received a prerelease (even those who received one this morning (Friday)) has an out dated version. You'll want to download this too.

The only issue is that The "Create New Directory" ability is only available if you are running WindowsME, Windows2000 or WindowsXP. I'm working on making a new dialog so all platforms will have it.

Thank you to all the beta testers and you, the users!

Remember to go through the entire tutorial from top to bottom!

Get is all at:

PS. The Ultimate AGI & SCI Web Site has also been updated:
Tactics Craft I'm just starting out with making my own AGI SCI games and it's been a frustrating journey. Yesterday, I was all for the AGI, but resulted in errors when using AGI Studio. Today, I was all rah rah rah for SCI when I downloaded SCI Studio. But the same problem occured when I tried to make a new game from template. The error message I got "An error occured while building the template directory! Make sure your disk is not write protected or full" is comparable to the AGI Studio error that went along the lines of "invalid directory". Comparable because they both could not get me pass trying to create a new game from template.

I'm using Windows 2000. My disk has over 14 GB free. What could be causing this? I just want to be able to start creating! ???
Tactics Craft Nevermind I solved it. It was that d:\name\name trick. Back to the tutorial I go. So far it seems to be working :)
AGI1122 Yippee! :) I like that annotation stuff. I had wanted something like this for a while. :) I think I will make an annotation for SQ3(since it is my favorite game of all time). :)
Omer Mor Thanks Brian!
Your studio is great!!!
I did found some minor I think you'd like to know about:

1. Some Picture (e.g. Pic 100 in "Conquest of Camelot") can't be viewed correctly. When you select them you get this error message:
"This is still in beta. There are problems filling detailed pictures. Fill taking too long...aborting."

2. When you get a message box, and you press ENTER on the keyboard, the message box recieves the key and closes, but it is also passed on to the studio, and causes unwanted effects. To recreate this do the following:
a) Select picture number 100 in "Conquest of Camelot".
b) When you recieve the error message, press ENTER (Don't press the OK button with your mouse, use the keyboard).
c) The message box is closed, but since the ENTER is passed to the studio as well, the picture is opened for editing.

3. The Class Reference in the Script Editor don't work well: If I right click an Item and press "Go To Class" it opens the help file with the wrong class. Apparently, the class I get help about is the last class that I double-clicked on. If for example I double click on the Sound class, and the right click on the DButton class, and choose "Go To Class", I get help on the Sound class.

Beside those bugs, I would also like to suggest that you link the class references to the code of those classes in the scripts. By double-clicking the class reference, it should jump you to the right place in the code.

Also I have this question: Do you plan to introduce in a future version a sound editor/viewer? I believe that in order to make a realy complete game, you'll need the ability to make it's own original music.

That's it for the rants.. beside that I realy think that your studio is fantastic, and believe that it will open the gate to lots of fan made sci games!

Omer Mor.
Brian_Provinciano Omer Mor:
Some of the detailed pictures from Sierra's games have trouble loading. This won't affect pictures you create yourself for your games, but will be fixed in the future.

I will work on that enter issue.

The class reference works fine. The reason you are getting the problem is because you need to left click on the class to select it first. Right clicking doesn't select it, it just opens the menu.

I'll look into the "jump to code" for the class reference.

As for the sound editor, I do plan on having one. I wrote a simple sound dissassembler that reads sound resources and prints their steps. However, I haven't ever done any real sound work before, so I need to learn how to use windows to play them. If anyone else can create one before I do, I'll be happy to add it to SCI Studio.


Cool! I hope we eventually have annotation files for all the games!

Tactics Craft:

Good luck!

Robert Eric Hello Brian. I have been lurking around these parts since you began to work on SCI Graphics Studio. I would like to congradulate you on having completed SCI Studio. Ever since you have released SCI Studio 2.1 and the tutorial, I have been understanding SCI better than I have ever before. It's extremely easy to use and understand. I would just like to thank you for all your hard work over the years....thank you :)

P.S. I love the view of yourself!

I was going to write something better and longer, but I had already done that. I went to preview the post, went back and it was gone. I'm sure you've all had that happen to you at some point. :)
Brian_Provinciano Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support!

It's great to hear that you've continued to follow SCI Studio's development since the early days, and though it took a long time to complete, never forgot about it.

Sorry to hear about you losing your post. That's happened to me many times too.

I can't wait to see your game!
Sci Lover Good work brian.

I first found your page about 6 months ago or even longer, i think. Anyway, I was so excited to find a SCI studio to make your own games, but all the links were broken. So, I put your site in my favorites and kept checking back joping the links would regenerate....and they DID! I downloaded a copy of SCI studio (an older version) and then lost the internet for a while, and came back on and downloaded an even newer version. I had already edited Police Quest II and made it a completely different game, almost.

Then, I saw a message from you saying that a new 2.1 would be released. I was even more excited. I checked back at your site, everday, until you had a message saying it was complete, but to check in another week due to bug fixes, or beta testing or something.

So, I checked back everyday, and here I am tonight at like 5 in the morning. I went to your page to check and I didn't think it would be updated yet, since I just checked at about mid night. But, it WAS! It's here!

Thanks for making such a great program.
I'll be sure to send in my games, once they're finished.
Robert Eric Brian, if I change a local variable of a script, like gDefaultPalette, how can I have the room go to that palette now instead of when he goes back to that room later?
Brian_Provinciano Sci Lover:

Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it! I'll be looking forward to your games!

Robert Eric:

gDefaultPalette is a global variable. Changing it will affect all the scripts.

If you set gDefaultPalette to, for example, 1, then all the following pictures will be drawn with palette #1 until you set it to something else.

So, then if you then set gDefaultPalette to, for example, 2, then all the following pictures will be drawn with palette #2.

This is very useful for making day and night sequences. Just set gDefaultPalette and you're in another time zone!

Good Luck!
Robert Eric Good news! ;D I've learned how to set program control and move the Ego around with the scripts! I've learned how to make other actors follow the Ego, and how to make them move to a position, and do an animation one time with the End cycler! I thought SCI would be much harder, but it is really very easy. Thanks again for this great program Brian. My test game will be up soon with full source. Of coarse, it would help me alot if you could host my game. Thanks again Brian. :D
AGI1122 I am going to put up an SCI game uploader on my site.(just like the AGI one I made) Then everybody will be able to upload their SCI games to my web site for downloading by others.
Robert Eric Well, I didn't exactly learn how to make an actor move to a spot then go to another. :-
PetriSimolin Wait until actor is in the first location:


(instance alku1 of Act
y 95
x 40
view 1

(method (doit)
(if (send hiihtaja:isStopped())
(if (== kierros1 1)
(send hiihtaja:setMotion(MoveTo 40 93))
= kierros1 0
(if (== kierros1 0)
(send hiihtaja:setMotion(MoveTo 300 106))
= kierros1 1



in Rm:init:

= hiihtaja alku1

setMotion(MoveTo 400 105)
         setStep(1 1)


Did this help you?
Robert Eric Yes, it did. But, what is 'hiihtaja' used for?
Brian_Provinciano To do paths, you use the DPath class. There's documentation on it in the help file and the class reference.

The only catch is that I forgot to add a "++" in the which I released with SCI Studio 2.1! This means that it won't work unless you change it.

Open up DPATH.SC and replace the setTarget method:
   (method (setTarget)
      (if(<> (send points:at(value)) $8000)
       = x (send points:at(value))
       = y (send points:at(++value))

Once done, compile it, and you're set!

Now, to try it out...

Open up a room (ie. rm001).

At the top, add the line:
(use "dpath")

next, scroll to the bottom of the room's init() method and add:
(send gEgo:
50 50
200 50
200 150
50 150
50 50

This will make the ego move to (50,50), then to the right, then down, then to the left, then back up, travelling rectangular area.

You set the motion to DPath, and then follow that declaration with x and y points, as many as you want. The actor will move to the first point, then the second, and so on.

Sorry about these bugs, but I'm just one man, programming an entire development system, tens of thousands of lines of code! Making the 63 class, 29 script template game from repetitive byte code 10-20 times longer than the actual produced template, it's remarkable how few errors there are.

Considering how much code SCI Studio has, there really aren't that many bugs. A new version of SCI Studio will be release soon, with new user requested features, bug fixes, and the fixed It will be much more stable.